Video 2: A Grounding Yoga Practice for Kids with Autism

Create a deep sense of peace, and root down to connect with the earth in this yoga practice created by Ashrams for Autism founder Sharon Manner and led by teacher Hannah Schuler.


Hannah was drawn to the healing powers of Yoga in her early 20’s. With a regular yoga practice over the course of a couple years, she noticed a stronger connection to her spiritual, emotional and physical body and wanted to learn more.

Which led her to a 200 HR RYT under the Teachings of Sharon Manner, founder of Samadhi Sun Yoga School and Ashrams for Autism. Deepening her practice through this training, Hannah realized how beneficial Yoga can be for any body type, age, physical/ mental ability and so on. During this period she learned more about Sharon’s Non-Profit teaching yoga for individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and wanted to get involved.

Following completion of her 200 HR YTT certification, Hannah took the Samadhi Spectrum continuing education 50 HR course. Hannah has been a proud yoga teacher for Ashrams for Autism since July of 2016 and plans to continue spreading her knowledge of yoga from her heart with kindness and compassion for all beings. 

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