Yoga for Back Health: How to Walk with More Ease (Because a Slight Rotation Is Probably Missing from Your Stride)

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Got back pain? Want to find relief and begin the healing process? Join Alison West, PhD, C-IYAT, E-RYT, for her new online course, Yoga for Back Health: A 6-Week Clinic for Mobility, Strength, & Pain Relief. This workshop dives into anatomy and asana practices to help you better understand: the structure of the spine; how to evaluate your posture and identify movement patterns; the impact of injuries and conditions, such as herniations, hyperkyphosis, and hyperlordosis; and how to work with those issues through safe yoga sequences, poses, and breathwork. Click here to sign up today!

Sitting is the new smoking, so getting out for a walk is a win. But if you're weighed down with heavy bags and totes during your daily constitutional, odds are your stride is rigid and restricted. Here, yoga therapist Alison West shares a marching exercise and a simple move in a doorway that will help free your body and propel you forward when you set out on a path. 

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