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Standing Vinyasa Flow

Janet Stone's Standing Vinyasa Flow

This flowing sequence will help ignite a downward flow of energy through the waist and legs to dissipate built-up vata.

Stand Strong to Face Stress

Find steadiness in the face of stress with this sequence of standing yoga poses.

Strong-Arm This Sequence

Jason Crandell will awaken and strengthen your arms and upper body in this video sequence.

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Yoga Teacher Carrie Owerko's Personal Story

Here, Carrie Owerko shares her personal story about how she found Iyengar Yoga and how it changed her life.

Goddess Durga

Goddess Yoga Project: Sianna Sherman's Personal Durga Story

Watch the video to hear where Sianna Sherman found the strength to overcome her paralyzing fear of public speaking.


Yoga For Beginners: Build a Strong Core with Plank Pose

Work your core in Plank Pose and try this variation to tone your obliques and other abdominal muscles.