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2 Core Yoga Exercises to Build Better Support in Backbends

Sigrid Matthews demonstrates two quick ab exercises that build a stronger core and better support in backbends. Have a block available.


Core Yoga to Boost Your Metabolism + Energize Your Body

Want to build better cardio and core strength? Try this yoga video from Sigrid Matthews to get the best of both.


Bird of Paradise Variation: Use the Wall for this Standing Pose

Sigrid Matthews deconstructs Bird of Paradise Pose and shows you how to use a wall to open your hips and hamstrings, and achieve this challenging standing pose.

restorative yoga pose video for comfort and joy

Watch: The Comforting Restorative Yoga Practice

This video sequence includes restorative yoga poses to refresh you throughout holiday season.


Add Cat Pose and Cow Pose to a Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Work through a slow vinyasa flow featuring rounds of Cat Pose and Cow Pose with Kyra Anastasia. Mind your breath and move at your pace to wind down your body and gently stimulate your back.


Kundalini Yoga for Better Digestion

Kiyomi Takahashi teaches a Kundalini yoga series of breath and movement to stimulate and aid digestion.


Detox Your Liver with Acupressure Points Between Your Toes

Detoxify your liver with these yoga poses and acupressure points (applying slight pressure) on the webbing between your toes, from Sigrid Matthews.


Watch + Learn: Relaxing Breathing Technique for Anxiety

Try this breathing technique from Sigrid Matthews to deal with stress, anxiety, and calm your nerves to find relaxation.