YOGA SHRED: Side Plank Curls to Prep for Arm Balances

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This is a more advanced pose that super-tones your arms, shoulders, side abs and psoas. It can help you achieve Side Plank, Half Moon Pose, Side Crow, and other lateral-based arm balancing yoga poses more effortlessly.

MAKE IT EASIER: Modify it to a less challenging version by stepping your front foot halfway up the mat in front of you and pulling your top elbow down to that knee. You could also set your back knee and shin down to make this an even easier move. 

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MAKE IT HARDER: To take it up a notch, begin in a full Side Plank, with one foot placed just in front of the other one — your feet are not stacked. Make sure your bottom hand and shoulder are in proper alignment, and you don’t collapse into the joints. 

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