This 10-Minute Video Will Show You Exactly What You Need to Know to Keep Your Wrists Pain-Free

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In this 10-minute video, yoga teacher Benjamin Sears shares three game-changing wrist prehab and rehab techniques that will keep your wrists healthy and help to heal any existing pain. In these exercises, you’ll find concepts that can applied across many different postures and styles of yoga. Learn how to stretch and strengthen the muscles around your wrists so you protect this important joint when practicing weight bearing yoga poses. These exercises are scalable to any level of mobility, which makes them great to do before any practice that’ll require you to put weight on your hands.

If you are currently experiencing wrist pain in your practice, Sears recommends you spend a lot of time performing the first exercise. It’s important to lay off of aggressive weight bearing while you are symptomatic. When you are ready to try the next two exercises, start with the third and place a small lift under the base of your palm.

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