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Heat It Up! A Yoga Playlist to Ignite Your Inner Fire

Draw your shoulders back, lift your chest, and let your heart shine with these beats.
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We're always focused on taking up as little space as possible, when really we should be spreading our arms and sharing our light with the world. Hit play and let this playlist from #YJInfluencer Laura Burkhart inspire you to draw your shoulders back and let your heart shine.

1. "To Heal," Underworld
2. "China Flowers," Afterlife
3. "Peace Will Come with Sleep - Triple Bass Mix," Club des Belugas, anna.luca
4. "Dark Star," POLIÇA
5. "Mundo Bizarro," Electro Dub Tango
6. "Sun Is Shining," Bebel Gilberto
7. "Crystal Frontier - Acoustic Version," Calexico
8. "Angelica," Lamb
9. "Amongster - Exitmusic Remix," POLIÇA
10. "Open Chanel," Kalya Scintilla
11. "Transmitter," Daniel Lanois
12. "Sleepwalk," Sant & Johnny
13. "Ships In The Night," Brazilian Girls
14. "Lountang," Ablaye Cissoko, Volker Goetze
15. "Sleepy Sounds," Deep Sleep Music Experience
16. "Renewal," Liquid Mind
17. "Deep Sleep," Liquid Mind

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