10 Inspiring Photos Reveal What Yoga Events Are Really Like

Thinking about attending a yoga festival but feeling a bit intimidated by the unknown? Allow us pull back the curtain and give you an inside look. (Warning: Inspiration ahead.)
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Thinking about attending a yoga festival but feeling intimidated by the unknown? Get an inside look here. (Warning: Major inspiration ahead.) Plus, enter for a chance to win two passes to any YJ LIVE! event and $500.

If you’ve never attended a yoga conference or festival, you may envision a convention of advanced, bendy yogis contorting into calendar-worthy attempts at the twistiest poses as someone stands by snapping photos for Instagram and captioning them in Sanskrit. We couldn't be more pleased to report that, nope, that's really not the case. We're about to show you what actually does transpire when master teachers and hundreds of passionate yogis of all levels of experience converge.