Rainy Day Yoga Playlist: 11 Songs to Go with the Flow

This rain-inspired playlist will put a spring in your step and add vigor to your yoga practice.
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Rainy days don't always call for blankets and hot cocoa. Roll out your mat and go deep into a transcendent flow with this playlist.

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Rainy Day Flow

1. "Om Zone 2.0 - I," Steven Halpern
2. "La femme d'argent," Air
3. "Anagram," Dousk
4. "Hibernation," Hibernation
5. "Elephant - Dub Mix," Spiral System, Lottie Child
6. "Motherboard," Daft Punk
7. "Rain," Madonna
8 . "It's In The Rain," Enya
9. "Purple Rain," Prince
10. "Balance," Benjy Wertheimer
11. "Om Zone 2.0 - III," Steven Halpern

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