21 Songs to Help You Focus—On and Off the Mat

This yoga playlist of soothing electronica and indie soul tunes will help you concentrate when your mind has a mind of its own.
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Monkey brain wandering all over the place? This mellow mix of electronica and indie soul will boost your focus during your next meditation or yoga practice, or anytime you need to cultivate concentration.

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A mellow playlist can help you tune out the noise and boost your focus.

Focus Flow Playlist

1. "Floating Sweetness," DJ Drez
2. "Intro," The xx
3. "Midnight Marker," Shy Layers
4. "HelloHello," DJ Grumble
5. "Sunday," Elaquent
6. "Allure - Instrumental," Kev Brown
7. "Escape," The Lagoons
8. "Crystal Stills," Argonaut & Wasp
9. "Wonderful," The Lagoons
10. "Going Down Slow," Exmag
11. "Reflections," Moods
12. "Outlier," Bonobo
13. "Afterhours," CAPYAC, MOONZz
14. "Halving The Compass," Helios
15. "Everything - Original Mix," Yinyues
16. "Horizon," Garth Stevens
17. "Broken Photosynthesis," Kyle Preston
18. "River Flows In You - Original," Yiruma
19. "Elegance of Solitude," Edwin Aldin
20. "Soul Speak," East Forest
21. "Rise," Kyle

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