A 30-Minute Meditation Playlist Designed to Help You Drop in Deeply

Need a minute? How about 30. Take time to center yourself with this calming playlist, designed to help you really drop in.
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beach meditation

1. "Gayatri Mantra Edit: Traditional Sanskrit Chants," Nadaka & Gopika
2. "Internal Energy," Meditation Music Zone
3. "Yoga Nidra," Meditation Spa
4. "Meditation: April Rain," Koh Lantana
5. "Spectrum," Meditation Music Zone 
6. "Morning Breeze," Koh Lantana
7. "Clear the Mind," Yolta
8. "Atmosphere," What Poo
9. "Meditation - Pt. 1," Liquid Mind
10. "Meditation Music (The Best Piano)," Meditation Music Zone 

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