Ayurveda 101: Self-Care Tips, Poses, Recipes + More

Ayurvedic tips to let your body heal and allow your inner radiance to shine through for a happier and better balanced life.

According to Vedic scholar David Frawley, “Yoga is the practical side of the Vedic teachings, while Ayurveda is the healing side.”

We found the best in Ayurveda to let your body heal and allow your inner radiance to shine through for a happier and more well-rounded life.

Intro to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a system of healing that examines physical, emotional, and spiritual outlook in the context of the universe. Read more about the age-old tradition.

24-Hour Ayurveda: Your Daily Routine

Try these morning and nighttime Ayurvedic practices collectively known as dinacharya, designed to promote calm, and help you stay focused throughout the day.

Quiz: What’s your dosha?

These questions will help you determine which constitutional influences, or doshas, are most prominently affecting your health and well-being so you can find a better balance.

The Best Poses for Your Dosha

Child's Pose Balasana

Discover the asana tailored to your dosha—find health and wellness through breath and movement whether you’re a vata, pitta, or kapha.

7 Tricks to Keep Allergies at Bay

Coral Brown Anjaneyasana

Feeling stuffed up? Try these Ayurvedic tips to help you get a handle on the sniffles.

VIDEO: How-To Nasal Irrigation

nasal irrigtion neti pot

Regular nasal irrigation is important for cleansing, and can help you stay cold-free year-round. Watch this tutorial to learn how it’s done.

The Ayurvedic Diet for You

table of fresh veggies and party food

Ayurvedic diet reflects the daily food choices an individual needs for their constitution, as well as for the season. Here’s how to find the right food for you.

RECIPE: Nourishing Kitchari

Try this kitchari—a mix of rice and mung beans, lightly spiced with ginger, and cilantro—to purify digestion and cleanse your system of toxins.

DIY: Classic Detox Practices

why you need a spa retreat

Panchakarma, the classic Ayurvedic detox program, is tailored to your specific needs and includes many types of healing treatments.

Cultivate Your Ojas

A girl with post yoga class yoga glow.

Fostering your inner glow—your true beauty—requires self-nurture, stress management, and keeping your energy levels replenished. Here’s how.

The key to true mind-body balance? Understanding your body’s natural needs—how to eat, cook, cleanse, and heal—through each season. In our upcoming online course Ayurveda 101, Larissa Carlson, former dean of Kripalu’s School of Ayurveda, and John Douillard, founder of LifeSpa and best-selling author, demystify yoga’s elemental sister science. Sign up now!