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Calming Postnatal Yoga Sequence for the 'Fourth Trimester'

This relaxing "fourth trimester" yoga sequence can help you reconnect with your body and calm your mind in those early months with a new baby.
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Allie Geer

Allie Geer

I had my two babies in two different countries, Switzerland and the United States, respectively. People often ask me, "What was the biggest difference having your first baby while living abroad?" Although there were many differences, the quality of postpartum care remains the most significant. In Switzerland, a midwife came to see me at home five times, and the visits were all pre-arranged for me before I left the hospital. Everything changes when you're a new mother, and the midwife supported me in ways I will never forget. She gave me confidence in my ability to take care of my infant. When I had my second baby in the States, what became very clear to me is that outside of family, there is not enough support for postpartum mamas, especially during the "fourth trimester."

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The “fourth trimester" is a term used to refer to the first three months after giving birth. The nights are long and the days are just as exhausting. The world as you know it revolves around caring for a tiny human. Their needs are endless and we as mothers give all that we know to give, often putting ourselves and sometimes our most basic needs last (like when 2 p.m. rolls around and you ask yourself, “Did I even brush my teeth today?").

The following calming postnatal sequence is dedicated to the fourth trimester mama. I’m here for you, I believe in you, and I support you. One of the nice things about the early months of infancy is that babies this age (usually) love to sleep. This can be a great time to take a few moments to give back to your body and calm your mind. If your baby is struggling with naps or prefers to be held, I strongly encourage you to ask for help, whether it's from your partner, family, friends, or a postpartum doula. Taking time for yourself is not only healthy for you, it also benefits everyone around you, including your beautiful baby. 

Calming Postnatal Yoga Sequence for the 'Fourth Trimester'  

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Allie Geer began her practice of yoga in 2006, after she was involved in a traumatic car accident. She found that alternative medicine, yoga, and meditation helped her handle pain both physically and emotionally. In 2012, she completed a 200-hour intensive teacher training program at Samahita Retreat Center in Koh Samui, Thailand, with Stephen Thomas. Allie became pregnant in early 2013, at which point she began looking for complementary practices. She completed an 85-hour prenatal training with Sue Elkind. The journey through pregnancy and birth brought her the closest to her practice. Allie is currently enrolled in 1,000-hour advanced teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine. Allie specializes in one-on-one private therapeutic sessions, myofascial release, and prenatal/postnatal yoga. Allie currently teaches in Colorado. For more information you can visit her website: