Feel-Good Flow: 11 Songs to Brighten Up Your Practice

This 50-minute playlist is full of smooth, uplifting, and fun tracks perfect for your next yoga flow.
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Whether you're setting up for morning practice or just need a little boost, this mix of fluid melodies will inspire you to feel relaxed, present, and enlightened.

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Feel Good Flow 

1. "Om Zone 2.0 - I," Steven Halpern
2. "A Gentle Dissolve," Thievery Corporation
3. "Sun Moon," DJ Drez, Nikko
4. "Holographic Universe," Thievery Corporation
5. "Jahta Dance," DJ Drez
6. "For What It's Worth (India Dub)," DJ Drez, Joey Lugassy
7. "Paradise Circus," Massive Attack
8 . "Reaction II," Blue Hawaii
9. "Krishna's Dub," DJ Drez, Marti Nikko
10. "Phase," Beck
11. "Shanti (Peace Out)," MC YOGI

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