Feel-Good Flow: A Yoga Playlist for Motivation on the Mat

Feeling too sluggish to hit your yoga mat? Get your body moving with this upbeat mix of eclectic artists.
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Sometimes we need a little more than a cup of coffee to feel motivated to slay the day. Get inspired and excited for your flow with this diverse 1-hour playlist from #YJInfluencer Laura Burkhart.

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Feel-Good Flow

1. "A Sadhu Walk," DJ Drez
2. "Floating," Midival Punditz
3. "Ritual Union," Little Dragon
4. "Mango di Bango," Tosca
5. "Feather," Little Dragon
6. "Eyes Without a Face," Marsheaux
7. "Ram Bolo," Dharma Gypsys
8 . "Om Na Ma Shiva," DJ Drez, Marti Nikko, Marty Williams
9. "Shanti (Peace Out)," MC YOGI
10. "Senessence 1: Deep Sleep Phase," The Sleep Clinic

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