Find Connection Through Yoga in Our Course With Deepak Chopra

In this online workshiop, Finding Connection Through Yoga: A Workshop on Our Universal Oneness, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Sarah Platt-Finger will share a seven-week yoga and meditation experience to deepen your understanding of yourself and the universe.

As yogis, we’re always looking for a deeper connection—to ourselves, to our bodies, to the people in our lives, to the universe. And who better to help make that happen for you than legendary integrative-medicine and meditation expert, Dr. Deepak Chopra?

In Yoga Journal’s online course, Finding Connection Through Yoga: A Workshop on Our Universal Oneness, Chopra and his yoga teacher, Sarah Platt-Finger, will share a seven-week yoga and meditation experience that will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and transform your relationship with the universe.

Sharing tools, science, and wisdom from Chopra’s best-selling new book You Are the Universe and his acclaimed The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, Chopra and Platt-Finger will teach you how to use yogic practices—including philosophy, meditation, and asana—and apply cutting-edge science about the nature of consciousness to help you experience greater health, joy, and peace in your life.

“Sarah has been my teacher for several years and I go to her studio six days a week, where she guides me through a yoga practice that incorporates the seven spiritual laws of yoga,” Chopra says. “We want to share that practice with you. It has brought a lot to my life and I hope you will benefit as well.”

This course will also help you gain deep insight into the nature of the universe and experience expanded states of consciousness, Chopra adds. “As you embark on this journey, you will experience higher states of consciousness, which is the whole point of experiencing life. It will help you go beyond ordinary, everyday states of sleeping, waking, and dreaming, so that you can tap into intuition, creativity, higher consciousness, and ultimately, the creative impulse of the total universe.”

In this course, you will also:

  • Hear more than a dozen inspirational talks from Chopra on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and learn how you can apply them to your practice and your life.
  • Discover how the mind-body coordination of yoga changes gene expression in the direction of self-healing and homeostasis.
  • Receive meditation instruction, and explore how the practice allows us to experience our true, unbounded self.
  • Get instruction in pranayama and learn about the latest science-backed health benefits of conscious breathing.
  • Participate in guided asana practices led by Platt-Finger, Chopra’s yoga teacher.
  • Learn how to live yoga on and off the mat, with a focus on the seven pillars of well-being (meditation, asana/physical activity, pranayama, optimal nutrition, cultivating healthy emotions, grounding, and restful sleep), and so much more!

Chopra’s and Platt-Finger’s wisdom, practices, and tools will lead you to experience a joyful, energetic body; a loving, compassionate heart; a restful, alert mind; and lightness of being. Can’t wait to get started? Learn more about the course.