Hot and Holy: 13 Songs to Replenish Your Yoga Practice

Relax and unwind with these divine, sultry tracks, ideal for mixing up your yoga practice.
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This playlist is full of yin and yang, naughty and nice, and a bit of spice to help you relax into whatever your practice may be.

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Hot and Holy

1. "Breathing In," Craig Kohland & Shaman's Dream
2. "Affair," Minoru Sakay
3. "Caribbean Blue," Enya
4. "Divine," Minoru Sakay
5. "Sadness," Enigma
6. "The Chase," Minoru Sakay
7. "Roma," Minoru Sakay
8 . "Opium," Dead Can Dance
9. "Anabasis," Dead Can Dance
10. "Gaté Gaté," Deva Premal
11. "Gayatri Mantra," Deva Premal
12. "Watermark," Enya
13. "Breathing Out," Craig Kohland & Shaman's Dream

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