10 Must-Know Tricks to Getting Sleep on an Overnight Flight

Got an overnight flight? YJ Influencer Heather Lilleston shares her personal strategies for staying well-rested despite frequent flying.
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If you are a fellow traveler, you will inevitably end up on a red-eye flight at some point—and likely worry about whether you’ll miss out on precious rest. I currently average around 50 flights per year, which means I am on a plane (often overnight) about once a week. Sleep is one of the most important factors in whether we are able to meet whatever is on our daily plate with clarity and enthusiasm.

Traveling that much doesn’t always leave a lot of recovery time once I land before I have to be present and awake for what I came to do (typically welcoming a group of people to a foreign land to make them feel comfortable and settled and then teach them yoga for a week). So I’ve had to pick up some tips along the way to make sleeping at 30,000 feet manageable. Take my advice below to plan on landing in your destination well rested.

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