Iyengar 201: Play with Arm Balancing in This Tortoise Pose-to-Firefly Transition with a Chair

Using a chair as a launch pad to toggle between Kurmasana and Tittibhasana is a great way to build mobility and challenge your balance. Ready to give it a try?

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Varying your approach to a familiar pose can be fascinating. You might ask yourself: How can I make a challenging pose more accessible? How can I change my approach in order to gain new insight into myself, as well as the asana? What might I learn by trying familiar things in different ways?

Take using a chair as a launch pad for Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose) and Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose) for example. If you find typically these poses challenging, using the chair in this way might be helpful. In Kurmasana on the chair, you are only responsible for lifting the lower portion of your legs. This is a great way to cultivate strength in the thighs, especially in the knee extension. Since your arms do not need to be pinned under your legs (as in the classic version of Kurmasana), you can get the feel of the sense of direction for the legs, back, and arms required by the pose without the potential strain on the back, shoulders, or elbows.

When you add the step of lifting the seat off the chair from Kurmasana to Tittibhasana, you learn how you must shift your weight onto your arms. You learn how you must center yourself in order to maximize the downward pressure of the hands and lift of the abdominal wall as you float your buttocks up and off of the chair. It's a fun (and challenging) balance game to toggle back and forth between being on the chair and lifting off the chair. It's also a great way to build mobility as you learn how to control and refine your movements. You might feel like you are on a miniature seesaw as you move from Tortoise to Firefly and back again. Give it a try!

Kurmasana to Tittibhasana With a Chair

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