New Moon Flow: A Playlist for the First Lunar Phase

Hoping to find the perfect music to listen to during the new moon? This playlist from #YJInfluencer Lauren Eckstrom will help you harness the moon's comforting energy.

Many of us are familiar with the sun’s energy through Sun Salutations, but what about the moon? The moon is full of tranquil, feminine energy that can be tapped into as we move and flow. This energy is rejuvenating and restorative, and this playlist will be the soundtrack of support.

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1. “Intention Feat Morley,” EarthRise SoundSystem
2. “Halving The Compass,” Helios
3. “Beyond This Moment,” Patrick O’Hearn
4. “Somewhere Within Your Soul,” ID3
5. “Dunes,” Chequerboard
6. “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires,” Emancipator
7. “Everything,” Yinyues
8. “Bring You Back,” Beacon
9. “Chesapeake,” Evenings
10. “Anthem,” Emancipator
11. “Know Where,” Holy Other
12. “All the Same,” Vieux Farka Touré
13. “Floating Sweetness,” DJ Drez
14. “Play Delicate, Desire Quiet,” Grace Cathedral Park
15. “Horizon,” Garth Stevenson
16. “Surya,” Todd Boston
17. “Dawn,” Garth Stevenson

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