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8 Limbs of Yoga

5 Ways to Infuse Your Self-Talk with Self-Love

Harness the transformative power of language to design your own personal mantra and makeover your internal dialogue for authentic empowerment.

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Harness the transformative power of language to design your own personal mantra and makeover your internal dialogue for authentic empowerment.

When you open your mouth to speak, how many possible combinations of words and expressions could come out? Infinite! There are limitless ways to describe your life and our universe.

The words you choose shape your experience of reality and reveal the dominant thoughts of your mind. Consider, what has your communication been revealing about you?

If you were to walk around with a voice recorder for a week (or better yet, if you could put a recorder in your brain!), what would it reveal? Would your words express love, appreciation, and possibility? Or would you be chattering about problems, bringing up doubts or fears, or perhaps speaking unkindly of others and even yourself? Would you find yourself contradicting or championing yourself, your loved ones, and your vision?

What if you knew you create as you speak. Your words have power. They’re law in your universe. Whatever you speak consistently, especially with emotional intensity—you will attract, create, and become.

Use these five simple techniques to transform negative self-talk into authentic empowerment. These techniques will empower you to improve your life!

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5 Strategies for Making Over Your Self-Talk

1. Swap disempowering self-talk for empowering affirmations

Do you ever repeat words without pausing to think about what you’re saying? Once a friend kept repeating the word “overwhelm.” Guess what, she was overwhelmed! She was literally speaking it into existence. Simply changing the word to something more desirable that honors the authenticity of the experience makes a big difference.

What if a person wasn’t “overwhelmed” but rather they were “in demand?” I’d much rather be in demand than overwhelmed. This state would likely inspire more resources. Below are some concrete examples of how to transform disempowering language into empowering communication.

Disempowering: I’m not good at this.
Empowering: I have unique talents no one else has.

Disempowering: I’m so busy.
Empowering: I choose where to invest my time wisely.

Disempowering: Why even bother.
Empowering: Every choice I make matters.

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2. Choose presuppositions that inspire possibility

When you speak (either out loud or to yourself) your language presupposes the existence of something. Presuppositions are embedded assumptions inherent in communication that signal your brain to find things in alignment with what you declare.

Make sure you focus the presuppositions in your language in the direction you’re inspired to flow. If your marriage is strained and you desire healing, do not ask yourself, “Why is this relationship failing? “What did I do wrong?”

Instead ask, “What is really happening here? How can I forgive and return to love? What can I learn? How can I integrate the learning and connect anew? What is most important to me in this relationship?”

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3. Transcend “need” and “try”

The word “try” introduces the possibility of defeat in advance, making failure more likely. It sets the stage for mediocrity. It’s better to will than to try. Which feels more empowering? A) I’ll try to do that. Or B) I will do that.

Also beware of the word “need” because it presupposes absence or lack. There’s a big difference between saying, “I need to lose weight” versus “I am inspired to be strong and fit.”

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4. Practice embodying empowering states at will

You can call forth and embody empowering states at will. This is important because the quality of your life will mirror the quality of the mental/emotional states you frequent.

Suppose you’re preparing for a presentation and you’re nervous, don’t ask yourself, “What if I screw up? What if it doesn’t work?” Instead, remember a time when you felt confident and centered. Think of a specific time when you felt calm and ready.

The words “think of a time” have power to summon states. If you’re feeling in a funk, simply think of a specific time when you accomplished something that inspired you. Go back to that time in your mind as if it’s happening now! Notice what you see, hear, and feel. Vividly access the memory, which reintegrates the empowered state. Breathe the way you were breathing. Feel the feelings. Now think of a specific time in the future where being in this empowered state will be valuable to you and bring these resources into that moment.

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5. Create your own personal mantra

That which you speak after the words “I Am” will be. What do you say after the words I Am? The words you choose influence how you see yourself, how others see you, and what’s possible for you.

Get curious. Have you been saying things that disempower or empower you? Have you been saying things like “I’m stressed, I’m bored, I’m tired, I’m broke, I’m alone?” Or, “I’m centered. I am inspired. I am focused. I am clear. I am ready. I’m grateful. I AM.”

The words “I AM” can be your own personal mantra. Speaking the words “I Am” means you are invoking your power to create. These words are potent! Be aware of what you link them to. The thing you’re claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.

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