6 Prenatal Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor & Posture During Pregnancy

We can mitigate some of the shifts in the body that occur during pregnancy, simply by standing well. This practice will wake up the muscles that we need to maintain good structural integrity and a healthy pelvic floor even as big changes are occurring within.

It all starts at the foundation. During pregnancy the body is constantly shifting to accommodate the weight of the placenta, the increased blood volume, and the growing baby. As the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the outer hips begin to stretch and can no longer support the body with good structural integrity, other muscles take over and you begin to stand and walk in a way that you never have before. These postural changes—the pelvis tilts forward, the femurs move forward in the hip sockets, the psoas muscles get shorter and tighter, and the hamstrings lengthen—can create great discomfort in the low back, sacroiliac joints, and the hips. Furthermore, these changes directly affect the strength, health, and functionality of the pelvic floor—even after delivery. This is the source of the urinary incontinence (i.e., that peeing when you sneeze) that is so common for women after giving birth.

This practice brings awareness to the muscles that get compromised during pregnancy, keeping them awake and strong, maintaining balance in the body, strengthening the pelvic floor, and keeping the abdominal muscles from snoozing entirely!