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Restorative Yoga 101: How Restorative Yoga Helped These 5 People Heal

Curious how you might benefit from our Restorative Yoga 101 course with Jillian Pransky? Five students of Pransky's students share how her restorative classes transformed them.

In YJ’s newest course, Restorative Yoga 101, Jillian Pransky, director of Restorative Therapeutic Yoga teacher training for YogaWorks and author of Deep Listening, will have you rethinking rest one deep breath at a time. This four-week program offers students an in-depth look at eight essential poses that will help you elicit the relaxation response, simple prop setups that will help encourage deep mind-body release and healing, guided meditative sequences and breathing exercises, mind-body alignment lectures, and personal inquiry. Eager to learn more? Sign up now

Curious about the life-changing, deeply relaxing benefits of restorative yoga? Countless students have told me that studying restorative yoga with me has transformed their lives, their practices, their teaching, even their relationships. But don’t take it from me—here’s what a few of them have said:

“I’ve taken several relaxing yoga classes over the years, but it wasn’t until I attended Jillian’s restorative yoga teacher trainings that I truly understood how profound this practice can be. Through Jillian’s guidance of the practice I was able to learn, experience, and feel the beneficial effects of the relaxation response in my body, my mind, and in my heart. Working with Jillian has changed the way I teach, and my students have noticed a difference when I teach restorative. I am calmer, clearer, and I am better able to offer a safe and supportive environment for my students to experience deep relaxation. Restorative yoga is beneficial to everyone and anyone of all abilities and ages, and especially those who live a fast-paced lifestyle and who are seeking a way towards inner peace. I highly recommend learning from Jillian who is a master trainer, teacher, and a generous individual who has kindly led me and many others on this path toward a more peaceful way of practicing and living.”
—Leona Tan, yoga teacher, New York City

“I thought I knew how important relaxation was for everybody else, but never really allowed myself to relax, to really relax, to take the time to really relax. I think I might have been fake relaxing, just to get it done and think I was good to go. But in practicing with Jillian, I had a very deep experience. My breath never felt so expansive and nourishing. I was able to truly relax. I felt my muscles let go with abandon. I can’t believe how much different I feel through my day because of it. Continuing this practice has truly brought a sense of calm and an ability to live with all the stuff each day brings. I am now brining more of this restorative rest into my own classes, and students are asking for more.”
—Cheryl Thomson Reda, yoga teacher

“I am the kind of person who often finds herself running on caffeine and pushing harder and harder. Yoga has always been a safe haven for me, but only when I started restorative yoga two years ago I understood what real relaxation and healing is all about! It came to me when I needed it the most, showing me that all that conquering challenges and to-do lists not only wasn’t making my life any better, it was making me sick. Restorative Yoga has helped me to look at what I was actually avoiding and finally let go of it so that deep release and ease could kick in. Jillian is an outstanding teacher in every way. She not only is warm and cordial, but also super professional and teaches in a way you can easily and quickly relate to. Working with Jillian is a one-of-a-kind event. I recommend practicing restorative because it shows you both a yoga and a self you might not have experienced before.”
—Sabine Harbich, yoga teacher, Vienna

“Jillian and restorative yoga taught me less is more. It’s one (tremendous) thing experiencing that, but what’s truly exceptional about Jillian is her voice that helps you understand the experience, making it all the more profound and accessible. Restorative yoga has been key in my growth and healing on every level: physical (surgeries/wear and tear of life) and emotional (trauma/wear and tear.) I’m from an anti-yoga background in many ways, often in ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ mode and rarely in what I really needed, relaxation mode. Through restorative yoga, my body learned how to relax on a cellular level, so that back on the walk of life I am able to pause, notice available space around me and then act, not react spontaneously as I used to. Simply put, the more the body learns to relax through the supported shapes of restorative yoga, the more the whole self will learn to relax. Jillian is nothing short of a magician in the field of restorative yoga. Her ability to find the right physical support for the body with the aid of props while supporting the emotional body (chattering mind and all) is one of a kind.” 
—Murphy Cox-Nicol, yoga teacher, New York City

“I started practicing restorative yoga as a complement to my power vinyasa practice. Restorative yoga helped me slow down, quiet my mind, and stop living from a place of always doing so I could just ‘be.’ Jillian is like the prop whisperer. Working with her was the first time I felt supported enough in a restorative pose to completely relax and let go. I recommend practicing restorative yoga because it’s like finding a sanctuary within yourself even in the midst of a crazy, busy world. Restorative yoga is beneficial to students of all levels because grinding away at work and in life puts you on the fast track to burnout, and restorative yoga teaches you to pause and get quiet so you can more fully connect with yourself.”
—Patrica Neal, yoga teacher, El Dorado Hills, California 

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