Stoke Your Spirit: 25 Images to Inspire Connection

Look through illusions of separateness and false perceptions of identity to discover your bigger-picture connection to all things.

Even when gift wrapping and pie baking edge out asana and meditation on your to-do list, there is still always an opportunity to connect with your truest Self. Follow us all month on Facebook and Instagram for spiritual inspiration, then share how you #stokeyourspirit.

The irony of the spiritual path is that as it takes you deeper inside it actually leads you out of yourself. Once you begin to see through the illusions of separateness and false perceptions of identity, you are able to discover your bigger-picture connection to all things. Here are 25 images from photographer Robert Sturman to inspire authentic connection.

Youth Yoga LA at Lincoln High School

East Los Angeles

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Valerie, Julianna, Christian, and Valentina Maloof

dancer's pose, natajarasana


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Kira Karmazin (founder of Kira Grace, center) with her mom, Carol, and her daughter, Grace

three generations, family, back bends

Swamis Beach, Encinitas, CA

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Masood Ali Khan and Ali Cramer

Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio, New York

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Kerri Mersereua

kerri mersereua, tip toe pose,

Saint Petersburg, FL

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Kelly Kamm with the Breakneck Boys

kelly kamm, splits pose variation, hanumanasana

MayFest Yoga and Music Festival, Cold Springs, NY

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Kelly Kamm

kelly kamm, crescent lunge variation, anjaneyasana

Long Island City, NY

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Jose Rivera and Tala Neudigate

jose rivera and tala neudigate, acro

Saint Petersburg, FL

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Jose Rivera and Tala Neudigate

jose rivera and tala neudigate-saint, acro

Saint Petersburg, FL

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Jessica Morfa and Mike Taylor

jessica morfa and mike taylor, acro

Virginia Beach, VA

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Jennifer Martin

jennifer martin, dancer's pose, natajarasana

New Smyrna Beach, FL

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Jaclyn Vanderhoof

jaclyn vanderhoof, backbend

Charleston, SC

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Youth Yoga LA at Lincoln High School

East Los Angeles

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Honza and Claudine Lafond

Venice Beach, CA

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Honza and Claudine Lafond

honza and claudine lafond, acro yoga

Venice Beach, CA

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Ericka Garcia and her daughter, Kara

ericka garcia, family, kids, downward facing dog pose, adho mukha svasana

New Smyrna Beach, fl

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Eric Paskel and his sister, Caren

eric and caren paskel, acro

Northern Malibu, CA

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Caludia Van Der Tier

claudia van der tier, dancer's pose, natajarasana

Zaandam, Netherlands

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Cindy Reed

cindy reed

Virginia Beach, VA

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Cassandra Justine and a passing monk

cassandra justine, dancer's pose, natarajasana


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Beth Bentley

beth bentley, hero's pose, supta virasana

The Gulf Coast, FL

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Eleonora, Danielle, and Amy

asbury park, yoga

Ashbury Park, NJ

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Amy Pastore and her son, Bodhi

amy pastor and son, family, kids, acro

Miami Beach, FL

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Amy Pastore

amy pastore, half moon pose, ardha candrasana

Ramsey, NJ

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Austin Reese, American Veteran

american veteran, wheelchair yoga

Virginia Beach, VA

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robert sturman and dog

A dedicated yoga practitioner, photographer Robert Sturman has increasingly focused on capturing the timeless grace and embodied mindfulness of asana in his work. See more on:
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