Want to Learn Sanskrit? There’s an App for That

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations developed Little Guru to make learning the ancient language easy and entertaining.

There is nuanced conversation about when and where the use of Sanskrit is appropriate, and many yogis decide to learn the ancient language in order to better honor yoga’s roots. Beyond knowing the Sanskrit names for yoga poses, learning the ancient and sacred language can lead to deeper understanding of the spiritual concepts that are not easily conveyed in English. For example, Sanskrit has multiple words to express love, from rati, or passionate love, to prema, pure love.

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In addition to CDs and books, there’s now an app that can help you better grasp Sanskrit. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (IRCC) created Little Guru, which gamifies Sanskrit to make it easier to learn. The app’s developers say that they “believe that learning Sanskrit is a path to the discovery of Indian culture and heritage. We teach different levels of Sanskrit, starting from alphabets to speaking to reading to writing text, which means you get to learn from Sanskrit basics to advanced Sanskrit and everything beyond.”

Dinesh K. Patnaik, DG, ICCR told ZeeNews, “Little Guru is a beautiful symbol of what we proposed to do in teaching to people across the world. This app will help students, teachers, and monks to be able to get an app that will help them learn easier at their own pace, whatever time they want. It helps you do better.”

In a Tweet, the IRCC noted that the new app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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