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12 Positive Affirmations to Get You Through Even The Toughest Day

Need a boost? This list of words and phrases from our readers will help inspire and empower you.

Some days you wake up feeling like you can take on anything the world throws your way. Other times, you need a reminder of just how unique and amazing you are just to get through the day.

On those days when the struggle is real, affirmations can help. Research shows that repeating positive words or phrases actually lights up some of the brain’s reward centers, triggering the same feelings you might experience when you see someone you love or eat your favorite meal.

We asked our readers to share their favorite daily affirmations via Instagram. Try repeating them when you need a little extra self-love.


I Am

I am at ease – pashiebee

I am worthy – lovemantrayoga

I am enough – karen_plymale

I am safe – ute.baur

I am peace. (Simple but effective!) – crystalsandcorporate

I matter – wolfgini


I attract abundance and it flows effortlessly through me – thecaramelyogi

I am all that I need to be – lovelycolorbrown


Recognizing Non-Permanance

I intend to meet life with all ebbs and flows while trusting I’m on the right path – april_yog

This is temporary – madasana_

I listen to myself, I love myself, I take care of myself. This is my moment. –ippaula_

It is ok to forgive myself and others and not look back. – elliej_cherrycove