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Sun High, Consider Yourself Blessed

This week's planetary happenings shimmer with good luck. Here's how you can align your yoga practice with the fortuitous energy of the solstice.

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by Diane Booth Gilliam


Prepare yourself, something wonderful is about to happen: The luckiest day of the year is afoot and what’s more, this time of good fortune comes right around the summer solstice; talk about beneficent mojo. On June 19, good-luck planet Jupiter meets the sun in an astrological aspect called a conjunction, which means the energies associated with both celestial bodies are amplified. Consider yourself blessed, and practice acts of gratitude to attract even more gifts. Just two days later, June 21, is the nurturing summer solstice. Who benefits from these auspicious events? You do. Here’s how:

Derived from two Latin words, sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), the word solstice actually means “sun standing still.” A solstice occurs when the movement of the sun’s path (as seen from Earth) comes to a stop before it reverses direction. The solstice happens twice each year, on a date between the 20th and the 23rd, in both December and June.

The summer solstice on June 21 is the longest day of the year (it contains more hours between sunrise and sunset than any other day) and traditionally, summer solstice is seen as a sacred time. Delicate energies preside as the sun ingresses (enters) sensitive water sign Cancer. In astrology, the four elements of nature correspond with four qualities of human nature: fire=spirit; earth=body; air=mind; and water=emotion. The Crab, Cancer’s zodiacal symbol—with its hard protective outer shell and ultra-tender interior—suggests a time of heightened emotions, uncanny intuitions, and vivid dreams.

These qualities are also associated with the moon, the celestial body that rules Cancer. Cancer’s baptismal waters purify, sanctify, and bless body, mind, and spirit, and this energy prevails on the solstice; we are left refreshed and more willing to act compassionately toward ourselves and others.

Solstice Practices

This solstice, get in sync with the profound rhythm of nature by slipping these poses into your practice:

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose)

Chandra Namaskar  (Moon Salutation)

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

Make use of healing modalities such as Watsu®, meditation, Chandra Bhedana, Pranayama, and yoga therapy.

Also remember to maintain an attitude of gratitude to attract even more abundant blessings.

Water Rituals

Yoga cultivates a sense of wholeness deep within us. Astrology connects us with the universe “out there,” beyond us. Melding these two traditions, Yogastrology delivers a magic elixir that enlivens the soul. At summer solstice, answer the call of your inner divinity. As the sun stands still in the sky, take a golden pause from the busyness of your life and immerse yourself in the healing power of nature. Indulge in simple rituals that honor water. Take a dip in a pond or stroll along a sun-kissed beach, letting the soft waves lap at your feet. Or simply bathe in a tub, filled with the abiding awareness of how blessed you are. Steeped in fresh, pure life-giving waters, you are one lucky yogi.

Yogastrology® creator Diane Booth Gilliam, MA, E-RYT, was in India at a yagna (fire ceremony) held on the Full Moon when she sensed a connection between yoga and astrology. Yogastrology’s new DVD features 35 of the world’s most respected yogis and yoga teachers demonstrating how yoga syncs with 12 zodiac signs. Find out more at