Songs for Your Chakras

Balance your chakras with Lis Addison's The Song of the Tree, an album for your energy centers.

The key to good health lies in finding balance in the body’s seven chakras, or energy centers. Yogis believe that when the chakras are clear, the path to higher consciousness—and enlightenment—also becomes clear. That’s the idea behind The Song of the Tree, written and performed by Northern California sound healer and yoga teacher Lis Addison.

Each of the seven tracks on the album features a different sound effect (imagine a trancelike female voice repeating variations on wah-wah-woo) that corresponds to one of the seven chakras. For example, the first track (for the root chakra) is set to earthy, grounding percussion. The album progresses into more ce-lestial chimes and high-octave piano notes in the seventh track (for the seventh chakra), which represent a connection to the Divine. According to Addison, singing along sends a healing vibration through the body to cleanse the chakras.

If you’re the slightest bit interested in sound healing or chakras, the album’s instructional booklet provides a brief but thorough guide that explains the nature of the chakras and how rhythm and tones might balance them.

It’s hard to say for sure whether Addison’s vibrations have a positive effect on the chakras or your health, but there’s no denying that the album is beautiful and induces a state of relaxation, whether you sing along or not.