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4 Mindful Cardio Moves With Mantras + Music

Movement in your body leads to movement in your life. Shrink Session founder Erin Stutland combines the mindfulness of yoga with heart-pumping cardio.

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Movement in your body leads to movement in your life. Erin Stutland combines the mindfulness of yoga with heart-pumping cardio.

Are you ready for some sweat therapy? Stutland’s Shrink Sessions blend high-intensity dance, kickboxing, and toning moves with mantras, which you’re encouraged to speak out loud throughout the workout. These exercises will leave you feeling empowered, in body and mind. And you may be surprised when these inspiring mantras stick around too, making their way into your daily life.


erin stutland, intention pose

Setting an intention before you take action can be extremely powerful. It gives your mind and body something specific to focus on. We set intentions in yoga practice all the time, but rarely in other fitness classes. These movements and mantras are all about intentions—for your workout and your life. Alternate these two sets for the duration of the song.

Movement 1: Single punches
Mantra 1: It’s my time.

Stand with soft knees, feet hip-width apart. Extend one arm at a time, while twisting from your core. These punches help to clear out residual stress. It’s a powerful way to wake up your spine, core, and back!

Movement 2: Squat press
Mantra 2: My vision is clear.

Stand with feet wider than hips. Engaging your core, squat down and touch the floor with both hands. As you lift your torso, press your hands forward, bending your knees deeper.

Music: Hideaway, Keisza

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erin stutland, mountain pose, tadasana

In order to achieve our goals, we must align our beliefs about ourselves with what we really want. Do you want to find love in your life, but don’t believe that it’s possible for you? Do you want a raise, but don’t believe you deserve the credit? Get ready to let go of old, limiting beliefs and make room for manifestation. Alternate these two moves and mantras for the duration of the song.

Movement 1: Pump arms up and down
Mantra 1: I let go of the old.

With your feet together, pump your arms up and down, while making controlled jumps with your legs.

Movement 2: Squat and circle arms
Mantra 2: I’m creating something new.

Sitting in Chair Pose with your heart lifted, circle your arms away from you as fast as you can.

Music: Shake It Off (Workout Mix), Workout Remix Factory

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Inspired Action

erin stutland, standing at attention pose, samasthiti

Feeling fear is human. What we do with that fear is what makes us powerful. Are you willing to take action, even in the face of fear? This movement with mantra is all about taking empowered steps toward what you want. Alternate these two moves and mantras for the duration of the song.

Movement 1: Jumping jacks
Mantra 1: I will feel the fear.

Jump your feet apart, while bringing arms overhead. Jump your feet back together while bringing arms down.

Movement 2: Front kicks
Mantra 2:  And I will do it anyway.

While balancing on your left leg, lift your right leg and extend it outward, pointing your toe. Bring your foot back in and sit into Chair Pose, then repeat on the other side.

Music: Intoxicated, Martin Solveig and GTA

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erin stutland, standing at attention pose, samasthiti

When we lay in Savasana, we let all the work we’ve just done in our practice settle in. We move into a state of allowance. You can create the same energy and feeling through movement. Bring to mind something that has been a struggle in the past. With this movement, see if you can call up the feeling that it now comes easily to you. It’s simply a feeling of flow and ease. Repeat this movement and mantra for the duration of the song.

Mantra: Things come easily to me.
Movement: Lunges

With your feet together and hands in Prayer Position, step your right leg back into a long lunge. Both knees are bent. Make sure your front knee is over your ankle. Raise your arms overhead in a V-position, then step back to the starting position. Alternate sides.

Music: Slip, Elliot Moss

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