The Ultimate Sequence to Work Through Your 7 Chakras

Looking for a head-to-toe re-boot? This practice will balance your chakras and help you feel like a new yogi.
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Every so often, it’s important to do an emotional-baggage check, to clear out what no longer serves you and make room for what will. And while you could hit the self-help book aisle of your favorite book store or see a therapist or life coach to do this important work, you can also work with your chakras—the seven energy centers that run along your central channel. In fact, practicing with the chakras in mind is the tool to helping you “repack” your emotional baggage.

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Keep in mind that working with your chakras is no easy task—but the results are worth the effort. Click through for practices that will help you use your chakras to resolve any negativity holding you back, so you can start to rewrite your old stories into new ones that serve you on your yogic path.