Gratitude Practice

YJ Gratitude Challenge: 5 Things on Karen Mozes’s List

Business of Yoga expert Karen Mozes, who has a lot to be grateful for this season, shares her unique personal practice.

Karen Mozes Sukhasana Business of Yoga

My Gratitude Practice

My gratitude practice unfolded over time and today I use contact with water—and I mean any water, like washing the dishes, taking a bath or shower, washing my hands, getting in the ocean—as opportunities to release (for-give, let-go) and to find gratitude. Of course, I also usually have several spontaneous moments of gratitude throughout the day, and these are wonderful too.

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How I Get Grounded for Gratitude

I live near the ocean (which I am very grateful for!), and the sand and the sounds of the waves always help me to get grounded in those times when I am agitated and disconnected. After a morning walk and a quick dip in the ocean, I typically feel full of life and love inside.

My Gratitude List

1. My baby girl, coming into the world soon
2. My parents for their support and encouragement
3. My new apartment with lots of natural light and dedicated spaces for the baby and work
4. My furry baby, Shasta, for her unconditional love, playfulness and companionship

The Yoga Pose I’m Most Grateful For

I am expecting my first child and through my pregnancy, I have had different poses, which I am very grateful for. The poses I am most connected to right now are Cat and Cow, which offer a huge release for my lower back. I can do that for 30 minutes and then sit in meditation and that’s a great yoga practice for me right now.

Karen Mozes is a successful entrepreneur, executive and life coach, and leadership expert. Karen is also the co-founder of the Business of Yoga LLC. Learn more in her online course Business of Yoga: Build Your Brand.