YJ Gratitude Challenge: 7 Things on Kathryn Budig’s List

Get inspired to give thanks with Budig's strategy for shaking off a sour mood and turning her gaze to the things that matter most. Check out her VIP list.

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Commit to the YJ Gratitude Challenge and take a moment each morning this month to give thanks. Make your list, post it, share it, and tag us @yogajournal and #yjgratitudechallenge. We’ll show our appreciation for you by sharing our favorite reader posts on Thanksgiving Day. Get in the spirit as master teachers share their own lists and grounding tips all month long. Here, YJ contributor Kathryn Budig shares some things that make her personal VIP list.

My Gratitude Practice

My gratitude practice is synonymous with prayer. I take the time every night to review all of my blessings, be thankful, review what I can work on, and extend my gratitude and energy toward everyone I love.

How I Ground Into Gratitude

I travel frequently and often find myself getting crabby about it. I’ll focus on the negative—falling out of my routine, being away from my dogs and family, missing my kitchen, etc. If I feed this beast, I lose so much precious time focusing on dread and lack. I make a conscious effort to flip the coin whenever I feel that negativity coming on and focus on all the amazing offerings the travel gives me—a view of the world, new cultures, amazing people, new perspectives, delicious local food. Once I flip the coin I’m back on track.

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Kathryn Budig's dogs, sunset

My Gratitude List

1. My family + dogs
2. My health
3. My students and readers
4. My kitchen and love of food
5. Cookies
6. Yoga and martial arts (karate and Jiu Jitsu)
7. Small soft pillows and mornings without alarm clocks

Kathryn Budig jiu jitsu

The Yoga Pose I’m Most Grateful For

I absolutely adore Double Pigeon (aka Fire Log Pose, Agnistambhasana). It’s always a sweet, quiet place to open and rest in. My hips need constant love, and my brain needs a place to be quiet, and Double Pigeon offers me both.

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Kathryn Budig is the yoga teacher behind AIM TRUE, a regular writer for Yoga Journal, and a presenter at YogaJournal LIVE!
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