Yoga for Every Body: 4 Yogis Re-Defining the Practice in America

Part of our mission at Yoga Journal is to expand the conversation and include a more diverse group of yogis in print and on the web.

Below, read the stories of four incredible yogis who are proving that yoga is indeed for everyone. Plus, a yoga sequence to kickstart your practice and feel at home in every pose.

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What It’s Like to Be a Black Yoga Teacher


“When someone walks out of my class before it begins, I often wonder if it’s because of who I am or what I look like,” shares Chelsea Jackson Roberts, who leads Yoga Journal’s new Inclusivity Training course.

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How Yoga Changed One War Vet’s Life

Dan Nevins

“The first time I heard those words, my response was, ‘You’re f--king crazy.’ I’m a dude. I’m a combat veteran. I don’t have yoga pants. I don’t need yoga in my life.”

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How Standing Out in a Room of Skinny Yogis Spurred this Teacher’s Body Acceptance

Anna Guest-Jelley

"There I was, trying to keep my belly from popping out of my shirt and pretending that I had the confidence to pull off the tight workout clothing I was wearing. And there they were, svelte and toned, looking like workout clothes were made for them."

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“I’m a Trans Man with AIDS and Yoga Made Me Feel at Home” 

Teo Drake

“If you had told me as a child or young adult that I would someday feel at home in my own skin, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

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PLUS: Curvy Yoga: A Sequence for Feeling at Home in Every Pose


People with bigger bodies are discovering comfort and empowerment in yoga studios around the globe. Use these tips to help support yourself, or your students, on the mat.

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