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A 90-Minute Yoga Playlist to Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Everybody has the ability to awaken Durga, the Hindu warrior goddess. This playlist from #YJInfluencer Sofiah Thom will help you access your inner Durga.

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The Hindu warrior goddess Durga can help give you the push you need to transform your life. This rhythmic yoga playlist can help you awaken your inner warrior and access feminine energy. 

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1. “Awakenings,” Xumantra
2. “Prayer for Protection,” Xumantra
3. “Ecstatic Rapture,” Desert Dwellers
4. “Healing Fire Breath,” Liquid Bloom
5. “One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix),” Kaya Project
6. “Dulger (Greg Hunter Remix),” Omar Faruk Tekbilek
7. “Shiva Nataraj (Jef Stott Remix),” Desert Dwellers
8. “Laundry girl (washed ut remix),” Makyo
9. “Forest Lovers,” Drumspyder
10. “Darshana,” David Starfire
11.”Nebusoku,” Makyo
12. “Streams Of My Beloved,” Xumantra

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