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This Cool-Girl Yoga Playlist Will Elevate the Vibe of Your Home Practice

Can't make it to your favorite class? Channel your coolest self with this chill, modern yoga playlist.

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Missing your favorite yoga class is always a bummer—especially when you feel like your teacher’s tunes are the only thing that can get you flowing. But this chill playlist will help you channel your inner cool girl and find your flow.

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1. “About You,” xxyxx
2. “Be Still,” Noah Kittinger
3. “World On Fire,” Louis The Child, Ashe
4. “Direction – Royce Wood Junior Remix,” Hugh, Royce Wood Junior
5. “I Robbed a Bank,” Hippie Sabotage
6. “IPlayYouListen,” ODESZA
7. “Wait,” NoMBe
8. “Make You Wanna,” Ta-ku
9. “Electric (feat. Khalid),” Alina Baraz, Khalid
10. “OM,” Hippie Sabotage
11. “No One – Kayge Calypso & Dunn Remix,” Mothica
12. “From Here,” Louis The Child
13. “Waiting,” Hippie Sabotage
14. “Quick Musical Doodles,” Two Feet
15. “Down For You (feat. Alina Baraz),” Ta-ku, Alina Baraz

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