Hot and Holy: 13 Songs to Replenish Your Yoga Practice

Relax and unwind with these divine, sultry tracks, ideal for mixing up your yoga practice.

This playlist is full of yin and yang, naughty and nice, and a bit of spice to help you relax into whatever your practice may be.

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Hot and Holy

1. “Breathing In,” Craig Kohland & Shaman’s Dream
2. “Affair,” Minoru Sakay
3. “Caribbean Blue,” Enya
4. “Divine,” Minoru Sakay
5. “Sadness,” Enigma
6. “The Chase,” Minoru Sakay
7. “Roma,” Minoru Sakay
8 . “Opium,” Dead Can Dance
9. “Anabasis,” Dead Can Dance
10. “Gaté Gaté,” Deva Premal
11. “Gayatri Mantra,” Deva Premal
12. “Watermark,” Enya
13. “Breathing Out,” Craig Kohland & Shaman’s Dream


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