Yoga Music

A Playlist for Sound Healing and a Stress-Free Yoga Flow

Grammy-nominated frame drum specialist, flautist, and composer Marla Leigh Goldstein shares her playlist for finding ease.

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With the world going through such immense changes and uncertainties, yoga and music can help keep us centered and grounded. This playlist features inspiring artists from the yoga and world music communities, such as Jai Uttal, Donna DeLory, Tina Malia, Joss Jaffe, Ananda Yogiji, Jim Beckwith, Masood Ali Khan, and EarthRise SoundSystem. I also included a few tracks from my new yoga-friendly album, Rhythms of Tof Miriam, which features meditative, entrancing, and hypnotic rhythms, melodies and healing sound frequencies. Energize your practice through enchanting instruments, spicy upbeat grooves, uplifting Sanskrit chants, and an ethereal flute Savasana track to end your practice.


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Uplifting Global Grooves – Yoga Flow Playlist

1. “Gayatri Mantra (feat. Lisbeth Scott),” Masood Ali Khan, Lisbeth Scott

2. “Rhythms of Tof Miriam,” Marla Leigh

3. “Enemies & Friends (Om Mata): Divine Goddess,” Jim Beckwith

4. “Awakening,” Marla Leigh

5. “Gayatri (Robin Livingston Remix),” Joss Jaffe, Donna De Lory, Jai Uttal

6. “May All Beings,” EarthRise SoundSystem

7. “Desert Prophecy,” Marla Leigh

8. “Yoga Lila,” Evan Fraser, Vir McCoy

9. “Shri,” DJ Drez, Deepak Ramapriyan, Domonic Dean Breaux

10. “One With All Creation-Shivoham,” Ananda Yogiji, Ben Leinbach

11. “In Sunlight,” Tina Malia

12. “Dawn of Truth (Flute Savasana),” Marla Leigh