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How to become a leader in yoga service work

Want to launch or grow your own yoga service organization? Here are the top resources recommended by the 2018 Good Karma Awards advisory panel.
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Celebrate seva: Get recs and resources from the Yoga Service Council, Give Back Yoga Foundation, and Here to Be.

Celebrate seva: Get recs and resources from the Yoga Service Council, Give Back Yoga Foundation, and Here to Be.

To determine the winners of the 2018 Good Karma Awards, Yoga Journal relied on the expertise of partners from the Yoga Service Council, Give Back Yoga Foundation, Yoga Alliance, and Lululemon’s social impact program Here to Be. Learn more about each member of the panel, the exciting things they see happening in yoga service, and the top learning tools and social campaigns they recommend to help you make a positive impact in yoga service.

4 top resources recommend by the 2018 Good Karma Awards Advisory Panel: 

1. Take a free online course to help you get started

Enroll in How Can I Serve, a free online course developed by the Give Back Yoga Foundation and Lululemon’s social impact program, Here to Be. This course takes 5-8 hours to complete and features advice from master teachers with experience bringing yoga to underserved populations. Learn more at

2. Learn best practices for specific populations

Check out the Yoga Service Council’s Best Practices book series, Community Resource Papers, and webinars at They’ll teach you how to become a compassionate facilitator and give you succinct and comprehensive steps for working with specific populations.

3. Make your studio a safe space for all

If you’re a studio owner, join #thepledge for universally accessible yoga. Learn more at

4. Take a 6-week inclusivity training workshop

Sign up for the Yoga Journal course Inclusivity Training for Yoga with Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD. You’ll Learn how to make compassionate and inclusive language choices, expand and diversify your classes, give appropriate assists, and more.

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Meet our advisory panel

Learn more about the thought leaders in yoga service who guided us through our outreach and selected the 2018 Good Karma Awards winners.*

*Panel members abstained from voting for organizations if they had a direct connection to the organization, including fiscal support or sponsorship (current or past) or donations larger than $1,000 in the past 10 years; affiliation by board member, management, or family member; or involvement in the founding of the organization.