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Yoga Videos

These 10-Minute Yoga Arm Workouts Will Fire Up Your Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders

Caution: Many Plank Poses lie ahead

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Whether you love it or not, arm strength is a major component of your yoga practice—from holding up your entire body in challenging arm balances to increasing your stability in the ever-present Plank Pose. It’s no wonder then that a continuous yoga practice naturally builds arm strength over time. But if you’re looking to ramp it up and really work those biceps, triceps, and shoulder, add these 10-minute yoga arm workouts to your rotation. Your entire arms will be feeling the burn after any one of these practices (in the best way). And we guarantee you’ll be coming back to these practices again and again.

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Five 10-minute yoga arm workouts

A 10-minute sequence for overall upper body strength

If you’re looking for a sequence that can strengthen your upper body while also helping you relax, this is the flow for you. In this practice, Yoga With Adriene combines strength-building postures, such as Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) and Plank Pose with more restorative postures, such as Balasana (Child’s Pose). Throughout this sequence, Adriene matches your breath to all of your movements, making even the hardest arm movements seem just a little bit easier.

A 10-minute morning flow for arm strength

Looking to sneak in some core movements with your yoga arm workout? You’re in luck. In this prop-free practice from Yoga With Kassandra, you’ll stretch and wake up your upper body—before giving it an energetic workout. This practice incorporates a variety of different arm-focused poses, from Side Plank Pose to Dolphin Pose. Your arms and shoulders will definitely be feeling a little sore the next day (that’s how you know it’s working).

A 10-minute yoga arm workout for strength and toning

In this practice, Yoga With Bird combines movements centered around building strength with those focused on toning. You’ll flow through a series of poses that target your biceps, triceps and shoulders. Stressed about moving through strength-building movements for 10 minutes? Don’t worry. You’ll also spend time in some more restorative postures, giving your body the rest it deserves after multiple rounds of Plank Pose.

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A 10-minute prop-free yoga arm workout

Even though this yoga workout may seem simple at first, your arms will quickly feel the burn. You’ll be able to get a complete arm workout from Boho Beautiful Yoga in just 10 minutes. The stunning natural background in this video may help distract you from just how challenging this yoga workout really is. Plus, this flow includes a warm-up and cool-down with restorative postures, ensuring that you’ll be able to properly recover.

A 10-minute power yoga sequence for your arms and abs

You’ll work all of your upper body muscles in this 10-minute power yoga flow with SarahBethYoga. Even though this is a power yoga sequence, you’ll hold poses for an extended period of time—ensuring that you’ll truly feel your muscles working. This flow includes a lot of plank variations, including Plank Pose, Side Plank Pose and Forearm Plank. By moving through each of these poses, you’ll strengthen your arms, shoulders—and abs.

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