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These 45-Minute Practices Will Give You the Reset You Need

Love under-an-hour practices? So do we.

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Searching for a flow that’s a little shorter than an hour but a little longer than 30 minutes? We’ve got you. These 45-minute yoga practices will help restore and rejuvenate your mind and body in under an hour—while giving you a short respite from your busy day.

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A 45-Minute Slow Flow Yoga Practice to Center Yourself

Woman in Upward Facing Dog Pose
(Photo: Getty Images)

This restorative slow flow practice from Lizzie Lasater will allow you to move your body into a restful state of being. With a range of standing postures, forward bends and gentle twists, this sequence will leave you feeling like a new person—in the best way possible. Practice now.

An Iyengar Flow to Build Core Strength

Girl demonstrates Tree Pose
(Photo: Getty Images)

Power up your core (and the rest of your body) with this 45-minute yoga sequence guided by Carrie Owerko. This Iyengar practice focuses on building core strength and subsequently moving that heat to other areas of your body. Mixing standing postures with supine poses, this flow will bring greater awareness to your body—and your mind. Practice now.

Relax and Unwind With This Gentle Flow

Woman in Child's Pose
(Photo: Getty Images)

Looking for a longer practice that will be gentle on your body? This practice combines restorative breathwork with simple postures, ensuring that you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed by the the time you roll up your mat. With a slower flow, you’ll stay in poses for a longer period of time, giving you space to sink into them. Practice now.

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