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Embracing Your Radiance: Join Us for a Live Summer Yoga Practice with Juanita Borges

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Join us for a live vinyasa class with Juanita Borges on Tuesday, August 31 at 11 a.m. EST (8 a.m. PST).

When was the last time you paused and celebrated YOU? Do you only save your celebrations for your birthday or when you feel like you’ve accomplished something great? This is your moment to give yourself permission to show up and allow that to be enough reason for joy, love, and excitement. Embracing your radiance is stepping into your own power and rewarding yourself with a big, warm hug and appreciation you may have sought from others. Let us tap into this supreme joy by honoring ourselves in this present moment.

In this 1-hour open practice, Yoga Journal contributorĀ Juanita Borges, RYT-500 will celebrate you and your radiance. Through yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation, you will be able to cultivate comfort and happiness within your mind, body, and soul. Juanita invites you to bring a notebook or journal to jot down moments of gratitude that you’d like to infuse into the practice.

Meet Your Teacher

Juanita Borges is a certified yoga instructor, holistic wellness advocate, and creator of the wellness brand, The Caramel Yogi. As a graduate of Asheville Yoga Center and Get Loved Up Yoga school, her passion for yoga has influenced her to live mindfully, eat organically, and be her authentic self. Juanita’s mission is to assist others in creating space for themselves by reminding them to know their worth…then add tax! She designs her classes to be a nourishing and empowering place of community elevation and looks forward to helping her students embrace their radiance one breath at a time.

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