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Looking to Build Arm Strength? Try These Heat-Building Practices

It's true—you can build arm strength without any weights.

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Yes, it is possible to build arm strength with just your bodyweight. If you’re looking for yoga sequences that target the upper body, these flows will leave your arms and upper body a little stronger—and potentially a little sore. (Hey, we warned you.)

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A Plank-Filled Practice for Shoulder and Arm Strength

Girl does Plank Pose at home in her living room
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Looking for a sequence that will prep you for arm balances? This 38-minute flow from Liz Arch is all about the shoulders. Through a series of plank poses and lunges, you will feel the effects of this dynamic practice almost immediately.  You (and your shoulders) will feel prepped and ready for those arm balances and inversions. Practice now.

A 10-Minute Arm Balance Practice

Woman practices Crow Pose in her home
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Only have a few minutes to work on your arms—and arm challenge poses? Try this 10-minute practice with Erin Keeley. In this flow, you’ll move through five arm balances and inversions, including crowd-favorite Eka Pada Koundinyasana I (Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya I). Practice now.

Strengthen Your Forearms in This 40-Minute Practice

Man practice side plank at home
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Build heat—and target your forearms—in this 40-minute flow with Liz Arch. Through a series of standing postures, plank poses and simple twists, you’ll work on strengthening your forearms, as well as the rest of your upper body. Working on building to Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand)? This is a great practice to add in preparation. Practice now.

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