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Workshop Description

Within our bodies is a bio-intelligent tissue called the psoas. This tissue, which directly links the spine to the legs, is defined within the bio-mechanical paradigm as a core-stabilizing muscle. Yet the psoas is also an organ of perception—juicy, delicate, tender, and responsive. In this four-week on-demand workshop, you’ll unlock the power of your psoas—and learn why a healthy psoas never needs stretching or strengthening. 

Although Liz Koch has no professional training in yoga, physical therapy, massage, or bodywork, her international workshops, writings, and books have transformed how practitioners from a variety of modalities approach the core and psoas. Here, Liz offers the Yoga Journal community a somatic understanding of core integrity, thriving, and creativity. 

What you’ll cover

  • Personal somatic awareness and movement explorations to build the foundation for educating you and your students for how best to foster a healthy psoas. 
  • The benefits of developing a kinesthetic awareness for supporting a healthy psoas.
  • The benefits of hydrating the embryological NeuroCore through micro-movements that include the spine, psoas, and connective tissue.
  • The ergonomic and proprioceptive relationships between proper movement patterns with skeletal joints and the physical and neurological comfort necessary for sustaining a healthy psoas during your yoga practice.


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What you’ll need 

Reading Preparation: The Psoas Book 

Course Reference: Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Dance



SESSION 1: Changing The Paradigm

  • Defining the “Fluid Core” using an embryological model and exploring a deeper, bio-intelligent premise for working with the psoas.
  • Experience the value of hydrating connective tissue and increasing proprioception for gaining a healthy psoas.


SESSION 2: Trauma, Psoas & Primal Expression

  • Find out why palpation and manipulation of psoas should be avoided and why stretching your psoas is counterproductive. 
  • Explore how psoas, as part of the reptilian brain, expresses our animal bodies’ primal gestures.


SESSION 3: Ergonomic and Proprioceptive Psoas Re-education

  • Develop strategies for resolving a dysfunctional psoas by establishing head-pelvic-core integrity. 
  • Learn the importance of articulation, centrification, and hydration within the hip sockets and ankle joints for gaining juicy psoas.


SESSION 4: Core Awareness and Your Yoga Practice

  • Learn to recognize misuse of the psoas while practicing yoga and why the healthy psoas is the basis of a functional lunge.


This virtual program was pre-recorded live via Zoom.



Liz Koch

As an international educator and conceptual artist, Liz Koch offers a unique understanding of the healthy psoas through movement and sensory awareness. She is a somatic educator and the author of The Psoas Book ISBN#095794407 / Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Dance ISBN: 978-1583945018 /and Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence ISBN# 978-1623173159. Exploring, writing and teaching about the Iliopsoas Complex for over 45 years, her work was published in YOGA JOURNAL in 1999. Although not a Yogi, she has presented at the Advanced Yoga Teachers trainings held at Mt. Madonna, Calif., taught workshops at well-known studios such as Jivamukti in New York, Yogaview in Chicago, and Piedmont Yoga Center in Oakland, and was a repeating guest author in Yoga & Health Magazine in the United Kingdom.  




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