Weekly Astrological Forecast, April 24-30: Leave Your Past Behind

The new Moon, Pluto retrograde, and Venus and Jupiter conjunct are asking us to surrender the stories of who we thought we were or should be.

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Potent creation fills the air this week, inspiring us to bring our focus to what it means to live well. On April 27th, Pluto initiates transformation when it goes retrograde. On the 29th, the Taurus new Moon with a partial solar eclipse allows us to empty our cup and reconnect to what’s most important in life. And the day after, Venus and Jupiter conjunct, both vibing in the sign of Pisces and helping us harmonize the material and spiritual aspects of our lives.

These energies combined bring our hearts and minds into balance, restoring our innate radiance and giving us the push to do more of what we love.

It’s like this song was already written, let’s sit back, relax and have a listen
Listen to the message, no time for second guessing, life it is a blessing
Don’t focus on what’s missing when you’re stressed out take a deep breath
I hope that you can see it the worlds need people like you
You’re here to make a difference, go on and make a change
Step into the rain and I believe in you
And someday we will meet again.
—Easy Runaway, Stick Figure

Pluto retrograde

Pluto is the planet of the life and death cycle, ending and beginnings, regeneration and restoration. Pluto exposes what’s underneath, the inner oceans of emotions, our deepest fears and darkest secrets, what we’ve repressed and what we have distracted ourselves from seeing, as well as anything else that is standing in our way of our personal upgrade.

Pause for a moment, bring your hands to your heart, close your eyes if it feels safe, and take three deep, long breaths in and let yourself sigh out. Allow your body to relax and notice how you feel. That shift you just felt is similar to the energy of Pluto in retrograde, slowing us down so we can hear ourselves think, feel with deeper awareness, and heighten the game of life to start moving in our favor.

Pluto is brutal and clear cut, breaking us open so that we can understand the process of surrender. Cutting away any negative self-talk, old experiences, and imported beliefs. Cutting away the people, places and things that keep our light dull and keep us hidden from being seen. We are many shades, many layers of time, change, loss and gain. All parts of us are meant to be recognized. As we allow for the shadow nature to be brought to light beginning April 27th, we heal and accept who we are, giving us the grace to live more authentic lives.

When a look up to the sky, I see no broken dreams
I see an angel in the sky who’s smiling down on me
She says hello, even though I might find myself alone
She give me love, give me hope when I’m lost she take me home
It is alright.

The new Moon in Taurus

The disappearance of the Moon from our line of sight for even a short time allows us a change in perspective, slowing our speed from doing to being, opening us to receive what we need out of life, and nurturing us as we patiently move into a new cycle.

Arriving with this new Moon on April 29 is a partial solar eclipse, which enables us to look at who we are and honor who we have been before we find our way forward into something new. Solar eclipses bring us into alignment. They can bring quick shifts, new opportunities, out-of-nowhere beginnings and endings. These events are a powerful time for prayer, affirmations, journaling, walking meditation, and practicing gratitude.

Taurus, symbolized by the bull, is known for its strength and perseverance. Taurus is also practical, always taking the time to go through the details, acting with poise and precision. The bull also represents rebirth and is related to the solar energies of abundance and stamina. Together, these energies magnify our ability to live our best life. Now.

When these energies are present, the space is created for us to liberate ourselves from having to be the one doing the most, giving us the time to listen to what our inner wisdom is trying to speak to us by sending us wake up calls of both emotional and physical alarms.

Venus and Jupiter conjunct

The planet Venus, ruler of the signs of Taurus (feminine) and Libra (masculine), shows us an ideal balance of love. When she finds herself in Pisces on April 30th, this draws out her heart’s song, allowing her to find an inner hum that has her smile radiating outward and invoking a sweet, slow dance in our hearts. During this planetary weather, we may find our focus shifting to try new things, leaning into communing with nature, craving wisdom, the arts, dancing, cooking, singing, getting ourselves into a routine, and practicing the art of self-discipline as we make conscious choices.

Jupiter is the planet that expands our knowledge into wisdom, amplifies abundance, appreciation, wealth, and prosperity. Jupiter in Pisces magnetizes good fortune, it has us feeling like we are constantly in the right place at the right time. What we focus on expands. Find reassurance with this combo that you have all the resources and support you need.

When the two brightest planets shine together in the skies on April 30th, money is on our minds. We may feel called to start a budget, notice our spending behavior, and gain insights into where we limit ourselves and what triggers our tendencies to overindulge.

I’m a hundred million miles from where I thought I was
I’m starting to become the person that I knew I could
So here I am, here I stand, I’m becoming a better man
The man upstairs has his plan, so understand it’s all written
It is alright, I got to make it alright.

All the stars align this week to give us the  opportunity to clear, clean, cleanse, rinse, and repeat as many times as needed until we feel so fresh and so clean, recharged, and ready to make the leap to a new adventure.

How to navigate your astrology forecast this week

We tend to hold onto the stories of who we thought we were or should be. You are being asked, who are you now? Keep asking yourself the questions and let the soul free itself of its history. Open your heart to the discovery of just how peaceful life can be. During this time of new beginnings, embody the gifts of patience and self-love. Find the spaciousness to revive the wisdom you need to open to your own solutions and insights.

Devote yourself to work that matters, be ready for all things good, hold yourself empowered by your grace, allow yourself to be strengthened by integrity. Stand upright and straight, love everybody, and carry no regret, resentment, or hate in your heart. Love binds and heals all inflictions. Just like the phoenix, let it all burn away in the flames, find redemption and renewal as you rise out of the ashes, slowly unfurling your beautiful new wings, smoke still trailing behind. Life is short, forgive yourself, love yourself, be for yourself.

Affirmation: Let it be easy. I don’t chase, I attract.

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