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Weekly Astrology Forecast, February 5-11: Challenging the Limits of Your Thinking

It's time to discard any outdated and distorted perceptions of yourself.

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It’s a week of stepping forward into greater alignment with the full Moon culminating in change and Mercury inviting liberation of the mind when it transits into Aquarius.

Full Moon in Leo

In astrology, the Moon is our internal world. It is our intuition, it is how our body speaks to us through our cycling emotions. Midway through the Moon’s cyclical 28-day journey, we are gifted with its fullness and accompanying luminosity.

For the Moon, there is no fear of being full, vulnerable, and completely visible in the night sky. There is only presence. With a deep intuitive flow to her movement, she knows it is not her path to be anything but where she is and as she is. And it is with this presence and full acceptance of her current self and current moment that she is able to then release and change. As Carl Jung said, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Ruled by Leo and sitting in a tight and tense aspect to Uranus, the full Moon this week takes us to an edge, a culmination, a choice point. It acts as a doorway into healing, liberation, and a significant inner arrival once we step through it. It’s the kind of doorway that once we walk through, there is no stepping or shrinking back.

Uranus directs us to our future visioning—our long-term hopes and dreams—and invites us to step out of the known and accepted ways of being. The Moon and Leo take us inward and backward in the name of reflection, awareness, and release. We cannot release what we have not brought into our awareness, what we have not accepted, what we have not yet felt in our bodies and moved through in our hearts. They take us back so that we may process our journeys and take each step forward in a manner that aligns with our immeasurable inner worth.

Mercury in Aquarius

As we continue floating through Aquarius season, Mercury joins the Sun in the forward-thinking and innovative air sign on February 11, 2023. In astrology, Mercury is our mind. It is our thinking, mental processing, communication, and learning. It enjoys Aquarius. Here our minds can leap beyond the tried and tested to explore our own sense of truth, authenticity, and originality through our thoughts and our communication.

Mercury and Aquarius coming together means new ideas. Radical ideas. Sparks of intellectual energy that allow our minds to explore limits in a new way—questioning them, seeing beyond them—so that we may break them down.

Your Invitation

This week is in an invitation of liberation, truth, breaking open, and releasing any cages trapping us and keeping us small. Leo is anything but small. It is proud and expressive, courageous and passionate. Aquarius is authentic and innovative, not concerned with the status quo or limitations of the past.

There is healing available as we connect with this full Moon, healing that comes from saying yes to the self, to our inner worth, and releasing anything that does not match up to that worth. Under the full Moon this week, you are invited to make that decision and take that step. Act entirely from your heart, from your desires and your passion, from your need to be who you are. And the invitation is to do so without fear of expressing yourself.

As Mercury journeys through Aquarius, it pulls back the curtains, allowing you to experience a new way of thinking, being, learning, and perceiving the world around you. It is an opportunity to really make the most of what Aquarius is offering—forward momentum, truth, liberation, and a new way to do, be, see, and think.

Aquarius wants you to connect with your originality and innovation. As both the Sun and Mercury journey through it, you can begin to feel as if you’re tapping into a higher dimension of the self, one that’s already living in your future, where you have already released what was never yours to carry. Where you have already embraced the full spectrum of who you are.

Allow Mercury in Aquarius to show you the limits of your thinking—whether it relates to your self-identity, what you believe is possible for you and your life, what you desire, how to create what you desire, and so much more—so that you can begin to bring those barriers down and see just how much is being offered.

Learn more about the influence of astrology in your life, including astrological events the Moon cycles, your Sun and Moon and rising signs, how journaling can help you connect with the current influences, and more with Jordane Maree at Girl and her Moon.

About our contributor

Jordane Maree is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community exploring Soul through the lens of astrology, tarot, and energy healing. She is a writer, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide, and host of Girl and Her Moon, The Podcast. She is inspired, every single day, to be the mirror for you to see all that you truly are, you in all your infinite abilities, in total expansion, in infinite opportunity and love. 


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