Weekly Astrology, July 3-9: Led By Emotion

Rather than being focused on the outer world of doing, this week invites you to come back to the inner realm of being. It's time to slow down and feel the watery depths of your emotions.

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Mercury moves into the watery depths of Cancer and Mars slows down in the grounded nature of Taurus this week, inviting greater intention, purpose, and intuition into your consciousness. It’s an energy of empathy and connection, self value, sacred boundaries, and a sustainable pace.

Mercury in Cancer

In astrology, Mercury represents all things pertaining to the mind, including how we receive information, process it, and express it. As Mercury moves through the zodiac, our minds begin to take on the energy and intention of the sign where it currently resides. We begin to process the world through that lens.

On July 5, Mercury joins the Sun in the nurturing and sensitive sign of Cancer. Whereas Mercury rules the mind and represents logic, the water sign of Cancer relies on emotions. As these two energies come together, it’s as if the mind and heart also come together with the heart leading the way.

During this time, our thoughts will be led by emotion. Logic will give way to intuition. And the way we communicate and connect with those around us will take on a nurturing, empathic, and caring tone. Beautiful conversations amongst loved ones can take place while Mercury is in Cancer.

With this transit, we are in the realm of healing and intuition. These realms are not governed by linear time. Rather than being focused on the outer world and an emphasis on doing, this space exists with a focus on the inner realm of simply being. Your invitation will be to give yourself a sacred permission slip to move at a pace that nourishes you.

Mars in Taurus

Mars represents fire, passion, motivation, and drive. It’s what gets us up in the morning and initiates our every action. It’s the passion that builds and builds in our hearts and bodies until we cannot help but take a step forward.

Mars has spent the last two months in the sign of Aries, encouraging us to begin new projects, create change, and challenge ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zones. It has been a time of busyness, taking action, and new beginnings. However, as Mars moves into Taurus this week, the pace changes dramatically.

Taurus is a grounding Earth element. In the physical world, this energy can be experienced as money, food, our five senses, and all that our bodies need to safely exist. Taurus energy also goes beyond merely existing and takes us into thriving through luxury, pleasure, rest, and beauty. It moves slowly yet with the intention to build something that will last.

As Mars moves from Aries into Taurus, its pace slows down. Our focus moves from short-term passion to long-term stability, and our sense of motivation shifts from quick, fiery, and passionate into being grounded, sustainable, and clear in our intention.

Mars in Taurus asks us to create a sense of long-term security in both our inner worth and outer resources. A new sense of value will be seen in holding our energy as sacred. Ask yourself, how can you value your time, energy, and efforts in a way that is sustainable as you build a stable and fulfilling life?

This energy reminds us that life is a continual path, that the journey is where beauty lies. Our fulfillment doesn’t need to be reserved for an outcome. It can be felt with each step. When we take pleasure in our path, our desired destination is almost inevitable.

Your invitation

Long term visions. A nourishing pace. Inner knowing. Body wisdom. Refinement. Fulfillment. Strategy born from intuition. Planning based on emotion.

This week asks us to take a deep breath, slow down, and begin to rebuild our path in a way that is intentional, led by the heart, and creates a sense of being nurtured and safe.

There is also a beautiful invitation to come into the body. Cancer is concerned with the emotional body, while Taurus is in touch with the sensual body. In this way, they are both deeply attuned with the body as a source of wisdom, guidance, and messaging. It is always responding to the steps we are taking and giving us clues as to whether the direction we are moving in is right for us.

The shifts taking place will bring a sense of stripping back and refining our paths to be filled with what is most important. It’s a beautiful time to create some space and define what is truly important in your life. When you step back from the noise and truly come from your heart, what are the things that bring you the most fulfillment in your life? What feeds you? What is a source of love and pleasure?

Words of healing

My energy is sacred. I take steps that feed both my moment-to-moment experience and long-term visions. I can respectfully say no to what does not align with my innate value.

I allow myself to create a sustainable and nourishing relationship with action. I rest as a reflection of my sacred inner worth.

I create space to be. I create spaciousness in my experience.

Emotion is a messenger of my body. I allow emotion to speak to me. I know how to nurture my emotions.

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