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What the New Moon in Gemini Means for You

This is a time to set aside all that you think you know and allow the unexpected to take you further than you had ever imagined.

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When Gemini meets the new Moon, excitement is in the air. Gemini season always brings a unique adventure of learning, unlearning, and growth. Ruled by Mercury and Air, Gemini’s energy moves quickly. Gemini inspires us and gives us the energy to try new things, see new people, and experience the world through a different lens.

The new Moon in Gemini on May 30, 2022, is a time to set intentions from a different perspective. We often set the same intentions each month, limiting our potential and imagination. This is a time to try on a different viewpoint of your life and write intentions that break the mold of what you’ve done in the past.

What to expect during the new Moon in Gemini

The Gemini new Moon brings us much active energy in the mental realm. You may feel that your mind is wandering in many directions or that your body feels restless and impatient. Before setting any intentions or practicing your new Moon rituals, be sure to ground yourself and your energy. Focus on your breath to quell your thoughts and center yourself through practicing yoga.

This season brings us information from various directions and can make our heads spin if we aren’t grounded in our bodies. Gemini Season asks us to allow the Universe to surprise us and show us the unexpected and demands that we stay connected to our breath to anchor us when the winds of change blow.

Also, notice if you feel nervous or anxious on this new Moon. These feelings can be a side effect of Gemini’s energy, and you may find yourself being drawn in in two directions on this new Moon in the sign of the ever-curious twins. Gemini likes to rationalize. This energy can make us think, and in that thinking, we avoid feeling. Gemini can trick us into using our minds to avoid our emotions. It can also overly emphasize logical answers in our lives, distracting us from our intuition.

Conversely, Gemini’s energy can make us feel too much and become overwhelmed with emotions. We may not know which feelings are valid and which are simply stirred about by Gemini’s heavy vibration. Feeling too much can lead to the desire to numb out these sensations.

Both of these avenues compel us to distract ourselves from our feelings with tricks, illusions, and social engagements. Be aware if you fall into either of these extreme sides of Gemini, and make an effort to bring yourself back to the center, where you can feel your emotions and intuition without being overwhelmed by them or need to distract yourself from them.

Acknowledge your feelings on any new Moon, but do not let them rule you. The Moon, after all, is synonymous with everything feminine, including emotions, intuition, and receptivity. When we feel, we open the gateway to our inner knowing. From this place, we can understand what we truly want in life and set intentions aligned with our intuition.

How to navigate the energy

Any New Moon practice starts with the willingness to feel and connect with your internal world. As the energy of Gemini buzzes about, set time aside to listen to yourself. Gemini is the great communicator of the zodiac. Before harnessing this energy to talk with others, turn it inward.

Be curious about your feelings and what information they hold. Listen to yourself, and hold space for your intuition to guide you. Learn about yourself and what you really want to manifest. Learn about your deepest desires and allow this knowledge to shape how you set your intentions. Ask yourself the more challenging questions about your future and resist the urge to overthink the answers. Let your soul speak to you on this new Moon without questioning it from a place of logic. If you receive an intuitive hit, follow it. If you have a dream, feel it without worrying about manifesting it. Focus on feeling, being, and receiving rather than doing or analyzing. This focus will help you ground your energy and feel less overwhelmed by Gemini’s vibration.

After you’ve had some quiet conversations with yourself this new Moon, connect with others. Gemini is one of the most social signs of the zodiac, so this New Moon is also a time to gather with others, share ideas, and connect vibrations with those around you.

This new Moon falls on Memorial Day in the United States, a day associated with the unofficial start of summer. Take this time to share experiences with other people. Whatever you find yourself doing this day, be open to the perspectives of others. Be curious about how they view the world and the stories that have shaped them. Gemini’s highest side is the type of communication that opens minds and changes the world. The real magic lies in the perceptual changes this can cause in the collective.

It’s also important to note that the new Moon in Gemini can bring out the lower vibrations of this sign, which are gossip, white lies, and over-questioning. Notice if and when any of these behaviors come up in yourself or others, and steer the conversation to the higher vibrations of Gemini. Talk about inspiring topics that encourage imagination and curiosity. Focus on learning and connecting energy for the sake of evolution. Exchange energy with others and feel energized to create the life of your dreams in this exchange.

Other planetary influences

Mercury is currently stationed retrograde, making it an excellent time for self-inquiry and revelation. The retrograde motions spins the energy of communication inward to help you process and reprocess thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you may not have access to otherwise.

With Mercury stationed retrograde, the emphasis on communicating can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding with others. Also, be cautious of sharing your intentions before you manifest them, as you may spend too much energy talking about them instead of creating them. You may also not want other people’s opinions interfering with the seeds of your visions before they’ve had a chance to take hold.

This new Moon also includes the energy of Jupiter and Mars, which are together in Aries. These vibrations bring the energy of passion and expansion today. Mars reminds you to feel your soul’s journey, while Jupiter reminds you not to limit yourself.

As you write intentions on this new Moon, feel these energies helping you. Are you limiting yourself? What can help you break free of outdated patterns that hold you back? This is not a Moon to play small. Ask yourself what you really want in this life, then feel your power to create it. Your soul knows your potential this lifetime. Listen to it. Even if it feels too big, speak your intentions to the Universe. As you do, know you are speaking them into reality.

What to keep in mind

The key to Gemini season is realizing you don’t know everything and don’t need to know everything. Be open to new information coming your way. Ask questions and be ready to receive knowledge that may not conform to your expectations.

This is a time to understand how you speak your reality into existence. Communication begins in your energetic field. As you speak to the Universe through your intentions and to others through your messages, ask yourself if your communication matches your core vibration. Your energy always speaks the truth. It is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs and perceptions. Spend time this season understanding your energetic field. What are you putting out to the world through your energy? Then, how do your messages match this vibration?

When there is a mismatch between your energy and what you communicate, you become less effective. You make less of an impact on others, and you decrease your ability to manifest your visions. When what you communicate matches your energetic field, you become more impactful and manifest with precision. You can also help open the minds of those around you. It begins by understanding if there is anything in your subconscious that blocks the true expression of your soul’s energy.

As you allow new information into your world this season, allow it to shift your internal narrative. We all have stories we tell ourselves about our past, present, and future. They are rooted in our perceptions. Allow your stories to change. Allow yourself to see things differently and unlimit yourself. Notice the statements or mantras you tell yourself each day. Do they support you or do they bring up self-doubt? What are you telling yourself each day and how do these tales affect your world?

Be open to unlearning and letting go of things you once held true. It can feel like a wild roller coaster of the mind. If you feel anxious or restless at any time, steady yourself with your breath. It may feel uncomfortable to release familiar stories, behaviors, and ideas, but this is a time to grow in unexpected ways.

Learn more about this new Moon in Gemini in the Gemini Season + New Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

About our contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each new and full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.

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