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One Last Lesson From 2022 That We’re Taking Into 2023

Amid the chaos, there was still love. And not just in your relationships.

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When we experience difficult times, it can be challenging to remember that underneath the chaos, life is constantly emerging and evolving. When we forget this natural order of things, it is the experience of love that reminds us of our ability to not only survive but thrive, even amid great change.

We tend to consider love only in terms of romantic relationships. But to see love only through the lens of relationship robs us of the opportunity to make seismic shifts in our own perception and experience of life.

Love, specifically sacred love, is a covenant bond between you and the universe. It is a relationship between you and life that is expressed as a sacred way of seeing and experiencing each moment. It can be found in the quality of your breath, the awareness in your decisions, and the beauty you notice in your day.

According to the numerology of 2022, the universal energies were supporting this sacred love.

What exactly is numerology?

Numerology is the science of numerical energies and how they affect matter around and within us. Many ancient traditions believed that numbers, signs, and symbols predated words and, in a spiritual sense, were a means for the gods to communicate with humans.

Although numerology exists in a vast number of cultures, the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras is considered to be the father of numerology. After studying mathematics, music, and philosophy and experimenting with how sounds and harmonies varied based on instrument string length and notes, he discovered a connection between numerical patterns or sequences and musical notes. He and his followers believed numbers to be the link between consciousness and matter.

This connection formed the basis of contemporary numerology, which associates individual numbers with a specific state of being. There are many beliefs and interpretations of each number. Following is a simplified summary.

The meaning of 0
Absolute nothingness, absence of matter, potential

The meaning of 1
Power, might, courage, bravery, resilience in life

The meaning of number 2
Refinement, femininity, delicacy, flexibility, partnership

The meaning of number 3
Imagination, creativity; lifestyle characteristic of a celebrity

The meaning of number 4
Poise and balance, consistency, diligence, patience, good organization

The meaning of number 5
Mobility, versatility, curiosity, constant urge to change places, sensation

The meaning of number 6
Harmony, tranquility, romantic personality, family, hearth and home

The meaning of number 7
The path of explorer, philosophical mind, self-analysis

The meaning of number 8
Wisdom, confidence, compromise

The meaning of number 9
Communicativeness, scale, universalism, diversity

In numerology, all numbers above nine can be reduced to a single digit by adding the individual numbers together. The sum of the numbers is believed to be the resulting energy. Therefore, each calendar year invites a unique vibrational resonance based on its individual numbers.

What the numerology of 2022 can help you understand

The world was forever changed by the course of the last three years. Numerology explains how these events could be seen as setting the stage for sacred love to come into union between yourself and life.

The numerology of 2020
2 + 0+ 2 + 0 = 4

The number four is about stability, planning, focus, and tenacity. This was a collective year of building, but not before we all had our foundations rocked. A way to remember and continue to work with the energy of four is to think of the legs of a chair and how they create a stable foundation to sit upon.

The numerology of 2021
2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

The energy of five brings a bit more instability before we move into more grounded energy. 2021 was all about new ways of thinking and moving.

The numerology of 2022
2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

In numerology as well as tarot, the number six is the energetic signature of the lovers. It is about partnership, romance, responsibility, harmony, unity within ourselves and others, the power of our choices, and the healing current of love. This was the year when we decided who and how we want to be in relationship with ourselves and others.

A sneak peak into the energy of 2023

Seven is a mystical number in many spiritual traditions and frequently appears in spiritual texts as well as nature. Seven is the number of completeness in both the physical and spiritual planes. In tarot, the number seven is associated with the swift direct energy of the chariot card. Be ready for fast-moving and direct energy to govern next year.

6 journaling prompts inspired by the numerology of 2022

Before you begin to contemplate the new year, it can be helpful to find understanding and closure around the year that is drawing to an end. We find our greatest expansion when we are able to integrate and build upon lessons from previous years rather than focus exclusively on the numerology of the current year.

The numerology of 2022 extended a continual invitation for us to show up to life from a space of sacred love for self. The following questions and journal prompts ask you to reflect on the last year. Awareness of how your experiences, thoughts, and reactions aligned with sacred love, can be carried into the year ahead with compassion and the intention to create more space for this in years to come.

1. Are you making decisions that are aligned with love?

You will know your decisions arise from love when you are making decisions that aren’t based on lack or survival mode. Rather than grasping at something, you will feel deeply aligned, even if internal or external shifts need to happen. If you feel that something in your life needs fine-tuning, contemplate it from the emotion of trust, rather than despair. Look to create space for what you truly desire to experience, whether that’s a relationship, a work dynamic, or anything else in your life.

2. Do your relationships reflect love, compassion, and feeling uplifted?

Our best connections make us feel in tune with ourselves and our truth. You will recognize them because the tone of your relationship will feel like a dynamic and deeply authentic bond that is capable of weathering storms. The heart space from which to enter this question is the wisdom of the inner child paired with the gentle yet firm hand of the inner parent.

3. If you are desiring partnership, are you in union with yourself?

The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root Yuj, meaning “to yoke” or “to unite.” When we practice yoga, we unite breath with conscious awareness as we move from posture to posture. It is no different than uniting heaven and earth, yin and yang, or other seeming opposites. This same quality of being in harmony, when cultivated within yourself, is an attractor for partnership.

4. Can you imagine what sacred love looks and feels like?

The experience of sacred love will be different for each person, although it unfailingly provides a sense of safety, acceptance, and the right amount of challenge to initiate you into higher and higher levels of sacred love within yourself and with life.

5. Are you moving in alignment with your truth about partnerships or filling your energy field with distractions and fillers?

If you say you want sacred love and entertain things that do not feel like love, you are creating an energetic stalemate in your situation. Do you say no to cheap imitations? Are there times when you compromise?

6. Can you name six traits that feel like sacred love and embody them today?

The word “sacred” can tend to conjure images of holy men and women. Do not exclude the mundane from this definition. Sacred love is truly a way of being in each moment and it is accessible to each of us. It’s found in acts of compassion. The way you breathe. Your mindset. The loving choice is always yours.

About our contributor

Ayesha Ophelia is a spiritual provocateur, creative, and writer who helps women become more fully expressed. Follow her at @ayeshaophelia.

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