Weekly Astrology Forecast, October 30-November 5: Slowing Down & Reassessing

As Mars enters a longer-than-usual retrograde in Gemini, it's time to slow down, reassess, and ask if our actions are aligned with our truth.

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When there is an astrological emphasis on a particular energy, we listen. Each transit within astrology is an invitation to remember, embody, grow, and return to self through a very particular theme or lens emphasized by that transit. There is a single theme in astrology this week, and it is the beginning of Mars retrograde in Gemini.

Whereas Mars usually spends around 45 days in each sign of the zodiac, it will remain in Gemini for seven months. It will begin its retrograde on October 30, 2022, and remain so until January 12, 2023. After going direct, the planet will continue to linger in Gemini until March 23, 2023.

Mars retrograde in Gemini

Contrary to our ancestors’ beliefs, when a planet is retrograde, it isn’t actually moving backward. Our beautiful Earth completes its shorter orbit around the Sun more quickly than many other planets, and therefore periodically overtakes them. It is when the Earth overtakes these planets that it appears, from our perspective, as if they are moving backward.

Just as nature reminds us that a slower pace is possible and often preferable, astrology does the same with retrogrades. They are an invitation to mimic the seemingly backward motion of a planet, to turn our attention within, and to slow down enough to hear, once again, our inner guidance.

Each planet and zodiac sign hold a particular role as teacher. Mars, in astrology, is our warrior planet. It is all things passion and drive, motivation and strength. Mars is the fire that propels us forward in the direction that is calling our name. It urges us to move toward our goals, take steps, and make the changes that we know are meant for us.

Gemini, a sign ruled by the planet Mercury, speaks to the mind, communication, and information. It loves variety, movement, speed, and learning. It is flexible, diverse, changeable, and deeply curious. It is not attached to any one way of being or seeing the world. Rather, it shifts and changes, moves and transforms.

Out of all the planets, Mars retrogrades the least often. When it is in retrograde, the influence of this action-oriented planet slows down. Our inner fire that propels us forward begins to dim. While our modern culture is built upon movement, growth, outward movement, and doing, Mars in retrograde asks for an entirely new level of trust, enough trust in life and in ourselves to slow down.

Here, we are asked to go against the ways of living that we have been taught. We are asked to review instead of leap. Question instead of do. Rest instead of race. Focus on our inner worlds rather than succomb to the glorified state of constant output.

Mars retrograde reminds us that just like the Earth, we have seasons. While some of our inner seasons are geared toward growth and movement, others ask us to trust the silence and rest.

Your invitation

With Mars retrograde in this dynamic sign, we are asked to create a new relationship with questions. Perhaps questions hold more for us than their answers. Let questions be your friend, without pressuring yourself for immediate answers. Sit in the mystery of your questions. Allow them to open doors to new ways of thinking, perceiving, and being.

Empower yourself to reflect on the actions you have taken and how they have added to the life you are living today. Ponder your relationship with action. Does your action-taking come from self-imposed pressure to keep up? To feel worthy? How does aligned and inspired action feel to you compared to  pressure- and expectation-filled action?

Bring the spaciousness into your mind needed to question your belief systems, your styles of communication, or perhaps identities you have created regarding your mental capacity, intellect, or style of communication. Do these identities, these stories of who you are, still feel relevant? Do they allow for freedom and growth or do they feel small and restricting?

Let your relationship with stillness also come into question. How do you feel without constant movement, action, and speed? How can you nurture any emotions, fears, or resistance that may come up within stillness?

When Mars slows down, it is our opportunity to take a step back and assess the direction in which we are moving. This retrograde is a reminder that we deserve to move in a direction that serves our joy, fulfillment, and visions that we desire for our lives. Mars wants its spark to be harnessed toward a life that is aligned rather than any direction that takes us further away from our truth.

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