Astrology: What Your Sign Says About Your Holiday Wish List

Your astrological sign helps determine what you'd like to receive this holiday season—and we're not only talking about gifts.

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Your astrological sign helps determine what you’d like to receive this holiday season—and we’re not only talking about gifts. “It’s important to remember that the holidays are not just about presents, they’re also about presence,” says Debra Silverman, yogi Seane Corn’s astrologer and the author of The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition.

Below, Silverman describes what each sign is hoping to unwrap this year—and what they’re really wishing for from the ones they love, in a more spiritual sense.

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yoga workout clothes


Aries loves a gift that is physical and athletic, like yoga clothes, a tennis racket, running shoes, or whatever is specific to their interest. They like to be physically engaged in a sport or activity, so a package of yoga classes or a personal training session would be perfect.


Aries wants you to engage with them, so plan to do something active together, like a yoga retreat.

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Taurus would appreciate something that’s really good for the kitchen or gardening supplies. They also love money, so don’t be afraid to get a gift card. Earthy, natural crystals are also great for this sign.


Taurus wants to do the holidays their way, so stay out of their way and don’t tell them what to do.

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movie tickets


Gemini would be delighted with a Kindle, an Amazon gift card, a magazine subscription, movie tickets, or any kind of class. They love information, reading, and studying.


Make plans to go out with Gemini and show that you really like doing it—maybe join them for a movie or take a class together.

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cozy blankets


Cancers go crazy for cookbooks, cooking classes, new sheets, blankets, or lotions—anything to do with the home.


Earth-mother Cancer enjoys having immediate family at home during the holidays—no one but the people they love. After the gathering, help them clean the kitchen.

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cool outfit


Attention-loving Leo would like a really cool outfit or a trip to New York to see theater. Something that makes them feel special, like you really thought about it and went out of your way.


Applaud them, celebrate them, give them attention, and acknowledge how special they are.

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cleaning the house


You can’t go wrong with cleaning supplies for orderly Virgo. Consider a new, high-end vacuum cleaner. They also like classy, simple, clean clothes; books; and fixing things. You could take their car and go get it fixed for them.


Help them clean, or say, ‘We’re going to do whatever you tell us to do.’ Or let them be if they want to do it themselves.

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home goods


Artistic Libras love jewelry, good-scented candles, pieces of art, ornaments, accessories, and colorful flowers. They hate when you get it wrong. They think about you, so they want you to think about them.


Spend quality time with them and really listen to them, or plan a romantic dinner. Acknowledge how happy you are that they are there.

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sexy lingerie


Scorpios like significant, expensive gifts, so they’re hard to buy for. Don’t be casual when shopping for this sign—go all out. They also like sexy lingerie.


Take the time to be with them. Scorpios love quality time, holding hands, and sitting next to each other. Help them take care of the kids, or tell them to make a list and offer to go shopping for them. They want to tell you what to do, so if you listen to them, they’re in heaven.

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travel suitcase


Sagittarius loves anything to do with travel and adventure—think a passport case or a nice suitcase. They also like anything to do with spiritual matters, so a philosophical book about yoga or religion would also be perfect.


Plan an adventure with them or do something fun. Go skiing, skating, bowling, or book a trip together.

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Practical Capricorn is the one sign where you can say, ‘What do you want me to get for you?’ They are not sentimental, so if you request an order from them, they won’t be offended. They also like designer labels, business books, and how-to books.


Be interested in their business. Listen to how they’re doing in their job and what their goals and New Year’s resolutions are.

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ugly christmas sweaters


Buy quirky Aquarius the gag gift (they think it’s funny), the crazy Christmas sweater, or the astrology reading. They would love a magazine subscription or book—they like information about anything.


Let them come late and don’t impose rules. Give them permission to be themselves. Notice that they are different and make them feel appreciated for that.

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buddha candles


Pisces are mystics, so they love books about spirituality and past lives. They also like movies, silk scarves, scented candles, really unique clothing, and cool gadgets.


Spend quality time with them and ask them about their dreams. Allow them to be exclusive—they don’t want everyone at their house for the holidays, just a few with no surprises.

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